British Union Of Fascists Oswald Mosley Suffragette March Photographs

British Union Of Fascists Oswald Mosley Suffragette March Photographs

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For sale is an Incredibly Rare Original Collection Of Never Publicly Seen Before photographs that feature some of the centuries most important & Influential people including British Union Of Fascists BUF Oswald Mosley, Lady Diana Mosley, Mitford Sisters, Mr & Mrs Berra, Princess Farida & Prince Kapurthala, Marlene Dietrich, miss Eva Gardiner, Countessa Wierzechowska, mr h Singh, mr moti shidasani, mrs bernard sunley, Mrs Maurice Brett, lady harmood-banner, miss Irene d edwards, miss Annette gubbay, lady savernake, lady waddilove, Mrs Warren Pearl, countesss of albemarle, lady Cynthia Coalville, LT.col sir John ruggles-brise, Mrs Bernard sunley. 


All the above mentioned people are in amongst these photographs, these photographs had been taken at the following events: 


1. Four of the photographs taken at a Equality for women parade featuring Oswald and Diana Mosley. 


2. Italian film festival ball- savoy hotel 1954


3. Fishmongers Hall Banquet-1955


4. Distinguished visitors dinner Savoy hotel 1955


5. University of London pageant Bedford College 1955


6. Rose of England to Dorchester hotel 1955


7. The 36th annual actress ball Savoy hotel 1955


This grouping consists of 33 photographs taken by the following photographers imperial Gladstone’s sabra photography, camera press ltd, sport and general press agency ltd. These photographs are all completely original and were never issued to the press, there are some cracking never seen before photographs of Diana Mosley- at the hair dressers and pre make up/ formal ware. 22 of these photographs have Diana Mosley in with various other famous people including the Princess, Oswald Mosley etc. These 22 photographs also have some brilliant photographs of the planning of the ball and all the behind the scenes work that went into these balls. Four of these photographs have Oswald Mosley in also. 


There are also a number of newspaper clippings, and invitations to these balls in amongst this grouping, invitation cards and programmes include:


1. Programme for the 36th annual actress ball savoy hotel 1955


2. Gala performances cinerama holiday London casino 


3. The rose of England ball in aid of his field hall appeal invitations


4. The rise of England ball Dorchester hotel Wednesday 6th July 1955 entitled to Mrs Bernard Sunley 


5. 36th actresses annual ball savoy hotel 7th December 1955 ticket/ invitation/ flyer 


6. 36th actresses annual ball savoy hotel 7th December 1955 entitled to miss Annette Gubbay


7. 36th actresses annual ball savoy hotel 7th December 1955 entitled blank (extra guest pass) 


8. Also present is a handwritten love letter to miss Irene Edwards 500 Burson Street W.1 England from Joseph Kwadjo Mireku from the Gold Coast. 


This is a cracking collection of original photographs of some of the centuries most influential people, along with several pieces of ephemera etc.


This will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two working days.