WW1 Unopened British Home Front Scotts Emulsion Cod Liver Oil Bottle

WW1 Unopened British Home Front Scotts Emulsion Cod Liver Oil Bottle

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For sale is an exceptionally rare WW1 era 1910s Unopened and still wrapped in its original paper label packaging a British HomeFront Scotts Emulsion of pure Cod Liver Oil Bottle and full Contents. Back during the first half of the 20th century taking a spoon full Of COs liver oil was essential and an every day routine for children and young adults growing up.... being force fed the same story of if you don’t have your cod liver oil you won’t get big and strong! Well here it is an original and full content of cod liver oil Scott’s emulsion of pure cod liver oil is up for sale, which is perfect for re-enactors, Homefront displays and World War I and World War Two museums! You don’t get more complete than this! 


The original paper label is in English, German and French. 


The front label reads: 


SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PURE COD LIVER OIL WITH VITAMINS A and D GLYCERINE and HYPOPHOSPHITES OF LIME AND SODA A FOOD TONIC FOR GENERAL DEBILITY , COUGHS , COLDS AND BRONCHIAL TROUBLES DIRECTIONS SCOTT'S EMULSION is best taken three times a day after meals . Adults : One tablespoonful . Children over ten years : One teaspoon ful and increase to one dessertspoonful . Children under ten years : Half a tea Spoonful and increase to one teaspoon ful . SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING Reg . Vic . 846 15 FL OZ SCOTT & BOWNE , ( A'SIA ) LIMITED Incorporated in England Manufacturing Chemists , SYDNEY . N. S. w


Measuring 22.5cm height x 8.5cm width x 23cm in diameter. 


Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent via express 48 Parcelforce and dispatched within two to three working day’s.