1920s London Social History Hints & Original Photo Of Clapham Tram

1920s London Social History Hints & Original Photo Of Clapham Tram

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For sale is a rare 1920s bus leaflet titled “Hints For Bus Passengers and original Clapham Tram Photograph. Both pieces are great pieces of London’s social history. The rest of the little booklet states:


“ Hints for Bus Passengers Going up or down stairs 1. Do not pass on the stairs but wait for other to get clear. 2. Use both hand rails. If you have only one hand available, for preference use the outer rail going up and the inner rail coming down, i.e., use the right hand. 3. If you have children with you, send them up in front of you and come down in front of them. Getting on and off 1. Always allow passengers to get off before you get on. 2. Always wait until the bus has stopped at a recognized BUS STOP before getting on or off. It is particularly dangerous to get on or off when the bus is held up by traffic lights. 3. When on the platform waiting to get off, hold on to the hand rails. 4. If you are wearing high heeled shoes, travel on the lower deck for preference. dents happen through heels catching on the stairs. Acci- Standing or walking in a moving bus After leaving the bus 1. Make full use of posts, rails and hand grips. Wait for the bus to move off before crossing the road. 2. Keep your feet apart to steady your balance. 3. Make sure coats and belts are fastened, otherwise they may get caught. 4. Hold a handbag or parcel firmly and close to your body. General Look out for opportunities of assisting others, particularly the old and infirm, an people with young children.”


The photo truely is beautiful and clear and there is only one in existence. And both bits are guaranteed original or money back, this will be sent 1st class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.