1820s Queen Catherine Parr Portrait & Ornate French Carved Gilt Frame

1820s Queen Catherine Parr Portrait & Ornate French Carved Gilt Frame

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For sale is a Beautiful Georgian period Early 19th Century Original Queen Catherine Parr Line Engraving Portrait signed by William Camden Edwards (engraver), and Hans Holbein (painter), with the certificate of authenticity in the back. This beautiful portrait is mounted in a stunning Georgian French gilt on wood ornate floral frame, which is mostly still in good condition, with much of the original backing paper untouched. The portrait is in brilliant condition, however the frame has several small knocks on which reveal the plaster underneath. 


The certificate of authenticity states the following: 


“Painted by Hans.Holbein. Engraved by edwards. 


Queen Catherine Parr



(CREST MOTTO: utile quod facials)


To Danson Turner Esq A.M.F.R.S but which had remained till the last ten years is respectively insouled. this print from a painting non in his possession uninterruptedly in the part family by his very humble servant. Unflourished proof. 


(Signed:) W . C. Edwards “


Please see photographs for more details of this certificate which is attached to the back of this rare portrait. Currently there is only one other print line engravings by W.C.Edwards in existence/ documented and that is in the national portrait gallery in London. A link to this can be found below:




Reference in collection: NPG D24191


About William Camden Edwards:


William Camden Edwards (1777-1855), Engraver, 

Monmouthshire-born William Edwards moved to Suffolk in around 1801 where he worked for the publisher Brightly, engraving portraits, biblical and archaeological scenes, and illustrations for The Pilgrim's Progress. From 1808, he worked for another local publisher, Childs. His most popular engraved portraits were of figures such as Sir Joshua Reynolds, Dr Johnson, Sir William Chambers, William Hogarth and Henry Fuseli.


The measurements are as followed:


Full frame measurements: 


Frame height: 46cm 

Frame Length: 42.5cm 

Frame width: 9cm

Frame depth: 6cm 


Inner frame mount measurements:


Inner frame height: 39.5cm

Inner frame length: 24.5cm 

Inner frame width: 3.7cm and 3cm 

Inner frame depth: 3mm


Portrait measurements: 


Portrait height: 23cm

Portrait length: 17.8cm 


Certificate measurements: 


Certificate length: 25cm

Certificate height: 7.8cm


This truly is a beautiful & hugely historical piece of Georgian art. This will be sent via express 48 Parcel force with the appropriate insurance. More than happy to post internationally.