1860s Art Nouvea William Morris Hand Painted Porcelain Banded Tile

1860s Art Nouvea William Morris Hand Painted Porcelain Banded Tile

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For sale is an absolutely beautiful Antique Early Art Nouvea 1860s William Morris Porcelain Brass Banded Tile. This tile measures 12.8cm x 9.4cm, in which its banded in a brass outer edge, the porcelain is incredibly thin, and appears to be glazed. The bottom of the tile has been lined with a felt bottom (most likely turned into a drinks coaster) or a salesman’s piece. 


Condition wise, for its age it’s in good condition, however there are several small cracks in the glaze, and small piece missing centre left, but this really adds to the look of this beautiful piece. I believe this is an original hand painted piece, with a protective glaze added over the top, this really is a true piece of art, produced by one of the most influential members of the arts and crafts movement! 


William Morris (1834-1896) was a leading member of the Arts and Crafts Movement. He is best known for his pattern designs, particularly on fabrics and wallpapers. His vision in linking art to industry by applying the values of fine art to the production of commercial design was a key stage in the evolution of design as we know it today.


William Morris was an artist, designer, printer, typographer, bookbinder, craftsman, poet, writer and champion of socialist ideals. He believed that a designer should have a working knowledge of any media that he used and as a result he spent a lot of time teaching himself a wide variety of techniques. Like many designers of his time, Morris was skilled in a wide range of arts and crafts. For example, although he is famous for his wallpaper designs, he also founded the Kelmscott Press which published high quality hand bound books and was very influential in the revival of the private press.


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