1901 Chamber of Crafts Bayreuth master's examination regulations paper

1901 Chamber of Crafts Bayreuth master's examination regulations paper

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For sale is an Antique 1901 Chamber of Crafts Bayreuth master's examination regulations Document, which translates to the following below. This is an original document from 1901 for the following:


“Chamber of Crafts of Upper Franconia. (Secretariat: Bayreuth, Sophieuſtr. 7/1.) Excerpt from the master's examination regulations. Sandiverfslautmer bon Upper Franconia (Form No. 89).


Registration and admission to the exam. 1 . The request for admission to the examination must be sent in writing to the examination committee. (Address: Deinrich Egloff, formerly Flaſchnermeiſter in of.) Responsible for taking the examination is the examination committee, whose seat is closest to the place of residence of the candidate. The following must be attached to the application: 1. a short handwritten text written by the examinee. Written curriculum vitae of the Wrüflined 2. Proof that the examinee has been active for at least three years as a journeyman, valuer, manager, technician or in a similar position in the trade in which he wants to take the examination, 3. The certificates of the industrialists Educational institutions that the examinee has visited, for example. In addition, those who are authorized to instruct apprentices ($ 129 of the Trade Regulations) have to prove this. (Certificate of the Geſellen test 2c.) Exceptions from No. 2 hairdryers can be permitted. Exam fees. 2. Every examinee has an exam before the exam date. fee of 20 Mk. to be paid to the chairman of the examination committee (address given above) for the fee of the Chamber of Crafts. If the examination is not passed, the examinee has no claim to reimbursement of the examination fees.


Items to be examined. 3. The exam has a prattiſche and a theoretical one; She has the proof of the ability to independently carry out and calculate the costs of the ordinary work of the competition, as well as the necessary for the independent operation of the same ſonſt wife (the main sources of supply of the most important and used tools, the important raw materials, their processing and engines, as well as their handling and the most important work tasks and the time and costs associated with them), in particular the bookkeeping and accounting. ESTO practical exam 4. The practical exam consists of the preparation of a master piece, along with the necessary drawings and the cost calculation. Insofar as the production of a mastercloth is not acceptable according to the circumstances of the trainee, a work sample takes the place of the same. Theoretical exam. The theoretical examination must extend to 1. the specialist knowledge, 2. the calculation of costs for the usual work in the trade, 3. the bookkeeping and accounting, 4. the usual regulations pertaining to the trade.


-B passed exam. 6th The determination of the mastery relation to the working sample is carried out by the Prilfunga Commiffion. The most important thing to do is to choose the 1. With a production there is a requirement that is incompatible with the character of the branding, as well as the considerable time and expense involved, 2. the object is practicable, 3. the breeder Sargethan can become so that he can Ability to independently carry out the usual work of a trade, in particular the branch of trade he operates. Notes regarding the masters piece and the workshop in which the same is to be made can be given by the examinee under thandie fier availability reinco beponderen input when registering for the examination. The masterpiece must be produced in the workshop assigned by the determination of the inspection committee under the control of the owner of the workshop concerned. Eligibility The members of the committee are authorized to personally convince me by eye of the progress of the work of the examinee on the master's work. The examinee has to hand over the masters piece along with the associated drawings and the cost calculation to the supervisor of the examination committee. At the same time, the examinee has to hand over a written confirmation from the owner of the workshop in which the master piece was made that he has made the master piece, the drawings and the cost calculation independently and without outside help. They have been directed to state what they have been about. In special cases, the assessment of the master piece can be carried out before the examination date and outside the office


6 - or the production of a special Meiſterſtlide can be given at all. The Belifting has to test the work sample in front of the members. To file the Commiffion at the end of the work to be determined by the Pepteren. Theoretical training in the specialist windows and in the calculation of costs usually begins with a discussion of the master’s tick and the associated drawings, and I must also answer by name the questions to be determined by the examination committee. The examination in the book in the accounting is partly in writing and partly verbally. The certification has to be discussed in terms of simple bookkeeping and accounting and the general principles of currency exchange law. The bearing in the legal regulations pertaining to trade is oral. The knowledge of the main provisions of the trade regulations and the workers' insurance rules, insofar as they concern the craftsman, are shown through the same. Notarization of the examination results. 7th If the examination is finally deemed passed, the examination committee must issue a certificate (master's certificate) about it. The examination certificate is free of charge and stamps. DO e management of the master's title. The master's title in connection with the designation of the trade may only be used by a craftsman even after passing the examination if he has acquired the authorization to instruct apprentices in the trade. (Section 129 Trade Regulations.)


31 Sand works are only entitled to those persons who have reached the age of 24 and who have either completed at least three years of apprenticeship and passed the training test in the relevant trade or trade, or who have personally exercised the sand value for five years or worked as a foreman or in a similar position. On perſons, which on April 1, 1901 was the fifteenth year of giving. If you have completed the year, $ 129 Trade Regulations apply with the proviso that they are entitled to instruct apprentices even if they have only completed a two-year apprenticeship period. Anyone who personally completed a handheld felbſtändia on October 1, 1901 is authorized to use the masters title if they are authorized to instruct apprentices in this trade. With money up to 150 ME. or imprisonment for up to 4 weeks is imposed on anyone who holds the title of master without authorization. Drud from Poreng Ellwanger, borm. Th. Burger, Bayreuth.” 


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