Early Post Ww1 German Compensation For War Damage & Tax Declaration

Early Post Ww1 German Compensation For War Damage & Tax Declaration

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For sale is a Rare Early Post Ww1 German Compensation For War Damage & Tax Declaration 1922. In good condition perfect for re-enactments (completely original

Too), issued to virtually every German citizen after the First World War. 


Translated copy of this sheet can be found below:


Tax office Sfeuergemeinde: Steuerliſte Nr.1922313) 906 596 has DOO explanatory sheet for the income tax declaration for the year 1922; 1998: S, of the farmer in H. - No .... So 1. Cattle Beſtand. on 1.1.1922 on 31.12.22 Stic Stic on 1.1.1922 on 31.12.22 Stüct Stic horses foals (age: ......... years) bulls over 3 years ochſen 3 cows cattle 1 to 2 years old 2 3, over 3 years calves from / up to 1 year up to 3 months sheeps lambs bending breeding pigs fertel Maſtichweine geese and ducks chickens rabbits beehives In 1922 ........... calves were born, in 1922 were ..... .. In 1922 cattle were slaughtered for their own household. 1922 cattle, calves, ..... sheep were lost due to death. ...... pigs,


In 1922 Uber, .... Salber, daje, dyrene, 2. Grundbeſit passed away through sob. The property includes a total of Egw. namely own property leased from it, price for 1922 Tgw. Aeder, Tgw. Wieſen, Tgw. Garden land, Igw. Pasture land, Egw. Dedland, Tgw. Forest over 60 years, Tgw. Forest from 30-60 years, ....... Egw. Forest up to 30 years. In 1922 were grown: with wheat Tagi. Yield st. Grains with potatoes ........... Igw. Yield .......... 3tr. Grain beet and beetroot Rraut Σgrυ. . Gerſte clover Oats Fallow legumes Number of existing fruit trees Flax Leased were 1922 A Tgw. on at 3. Agricultural inventory. Borhanden find Purchased purchase in year price Borhanden ſind purchase purchase in year price Motore ....... PS: Göpel wide lathe machine Other turning machines Pug machines Fodder cutting machines Sowing machines Mowers mowers Cultivators Rotators centrifuges. The household includes: Foreign servants: adults from 17 to 70 years servants perons over 70 years maidservants children up to 17 years.


- [ ] c) Softboten (those from their own A4 A6 6 42 listing in the income: the operating expenses: total income according to the 1st advertising costs: sales tax declaration for 1929 1st company ........... external servants: iefrom: a) bacon wages 1. Income for processes that were made in 1921 b) expenses for accessories (without red), but were paid in 1922 for the 2. income for grain and so on. Products originating from farms are from the 1921 harvest, which is not counted here) was sold in 1929 d) Insurance contributions 1. Servants Sa. 1 and 2 2. for Kunſtbünger 3. Approved seeds Reſt purchased feed 1. On December 31, 1922 of 5. Steam breaking hours) of the 1922 harvest still unsold: Elettriſchen Straftſtrom Str. Weigen value 7 electric light om Rorn in total of these ........... Deile for Dafer agriculture 8. for baptized litter Erbjen 9. for closed wood and coal Linjen Kleejamen, in total ......... .............. 16 of which ........... parts for agriculture potato 10. for blacksmith (Name: Obſt Sonſtiges 11. Wagner (Name: Vieh erſatz namely : II. On December 31, 1922 the following were sold, but not yet paid for: Stüc cattle for 13. Unusable for replacement purchase: Agricultural street sold in cash at K 12. 46


13. Not used for replacement. bar: advertised agricultural equipment, namely: head of cattle for Str. Grain with Kieejamen with potatoes with fruit with Sundries III. Income from livestock insurance Sagel insurance IV. Income from rent and lease K 14. Mert ter outrale om en be abveer Jonplize on fynban: St. Weiger Wort hort Korite Befox Other inventories V. Rental value for one's own apartment (.......... 3immer, .. ..... kitchen, ........... chambers) fathoms VI. Valuation allowance for right wood K K VII. Compensation for game damage 2c. M6 K Municipality Sa. I (advertising costs) II. Other deductible expenses: Fire insurance premiums, hail insurance premiums, livestock insurance premiums, fire insurance premiums for inventory (total land and house tax 367 otex Uinſatſteuer tartib instabios farmers' chamber levy VIH excluding external servants) 16 M M6 Total gross profit 16 from other expenses including Sat. II (other expenses) 1 (advertising costs) statened to 5:00 3 days Total expenses $ 6 A6 Net income from agriculture: Drud von J. Waldbler, Thu poor.