Rare 1940s German Sanatorium Asylum Bad Lobenstein ‘Well-being’ Guide

Rare 1940s German Sanatorium Asylum Bad Lobenstein ‘Well-being’ Guide

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For sale is Rare 1940s German Sanatorium Asylum Bad Lobenstein Leaflet. This interesting leaflet is a leaflet to help the patients get better and lead a healthier life within the 12 step programme. Below I have translated the leaflet to the best of my abilities:


“For finge everything goes to me, but without health everything is nothing! Paths to health and creativity A 12-point program on a natural lifestyle Motto: The whole is more than the sum of its parts 1. Care for your skin! Every morning dry brushing towards the heart has an extraordinarily invigorating effect on the skin and relieves the cardiovascular system. Ole twice a week with pure natural oil (wheat germ oil - "Tritisanol") after the dry-brush bath in the same way, gently kneading the soft parts, pouring the whole body in! Don't forget your feet! 2. Sweating detoxifies and prevents diseases of all kinds, therefore take a weekly brush bath, i.e. increasing from 350 to 40 ° to 420 in 20-30 minutes. Add 2 kg of Stabasa bath salt, brush under water towards the heart, then an hour's dry pack, then lukewarm washing, bed If there is a sauna, it should of course be used.


3. Learn to breathe! How you breathe, so you live. Deep rhythmic breathing promotes the ability to think, relaxes “and strengthens the cardiovascular system at the same time. Oxygen, which does not cost anything, should be drawn in particularly abundantly and generously when the lungs are healthy. On the way to and from work, breathe in the following way: first exhale, then: inhale 7 steps, hold breath 3 steps, exhale 7 steps, hold breath 3 steps. Exercise duration 10-15 times, only on the flat or downhill. After appropriate training, take 10 steps to breathe in, 5 steps to hold your breath, etc. 15 steps to breathe in, 7 steps to hold your breath, etc. Some people reached 50-100 steps. But always remember that any exaggeration is harmful. The body says by itself “when it can be increased further. Every tension must be followed by relaxation if a life is harmonious, i.e. H . healthy, should go. You should also practice this breathing rhythm in "relaxed" sitting or lying down. Other good means of deepening your breathing are: swimming, skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, singing and whistling. The following cycle is repeated 4-5 times: maximum possible inhalation - hold your breath for about 4 seconds vigorous exhalation extended breathing pause. As with smoking, this creates a carbonic acid overload in the blood that completely eliminates the need for tobacco. Tobacco addiction is practical in 48 hours In the first few days, frequent, small snacks between meals, preferring dry, salty and sour dishes, have a supportive effect. 4. Exercise is everything! Do sport, especially "sport" for jobs with one-sided activity. 5. Well-chewed is half-digested Cleanse daily - morning and evening - your teeth! relax completely, d. H . loosen all muscles, tongue belongs loosely on the floor of the mouth, switch off negative thoughts; Resting "before the table" is more effective than resting for a long time after eating. Everything is a habit, so don't just take it on time


and regular meals, but also educate the bowels, d. H . go to the toilet in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed! A cool head - an open body - warm feet is a basic rule of a healthy life. The technique for weaning off laxatives, the so-called "intestinal washing per os": In the morning you drink 2 glasses to 1 liter of moderately cold water "on an empty stomach", then lie down on your left side for 15 minutes, then on your right side for 5 minutes. Duration the cure: 6-8 weeks, initially the previous laxatives will be used 6. Your food should be remedies and your remedies should be food (Hippocrates) Nature is satisfied with a little and is best at its goal To you: "Much eaters eat little and little eaters a lot." (From Arabic.) Bases and acids have to be in balance. Base-excess foods are: fruit, salads, vegetables, steamed jacket potatoes, milk, quark. Foods with excess acid are: meat, sausage , Lard, fat, oil, margarine, butter, cheese, sugar, cereals, boiled potatoes, bread, especially light-colored rolls, pasta, pastries. ,, Salt and bread make the wang en rot ", that still applies today to the enjoyment of" hearty "wholemeal bread with its" vital "vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In addition, the kernel shells - the bran - of the "full" grain stimulate the intestinal activity and combat the damaging constipation. In addition, a glass of yoghurt is enjoyed daily as a "second breakfast" with its effect on keeping the intestine healthy Alcohol, nicotine, coffee, the well-tried principle applies: "Little but good, preferably nothing." what one knows in old age be itzen (van Swieten) housewife: Cooking food means the destruction of vital vitamins and mineral salts, i.e. wastage - unhealthy.-Steaming in oil water or steaming in butter, on the other hand: preservation of both of the above-mentioned basic substances, that is thrift


Bless you . Care should be taken that whenever possible "cold" whipped and thus full-fledged vegetable oils are used. The use of animal and "hardened" vegetable fats should be avoided as far as possible in people over 40 years of age "Prepared food, however, can only be achieved by adding local herbs, which are known to be medicinal herbs at the same time, and" sea salt ", which is so similar to our blood water The high value of whole soy lies in the natural combination of all three basic nutrients with lecithin and rich amounts of vitamins. Whole soy contains: approx. 429% protein, 229% carbohydrates, 23% fat, 8% minerals, 2, 89% lecithin. 1 kg of whole soy corresponds to the nutritional value of around 2-2.5 kg of boneless meat or 58 chicken eggs or 6.5 liters of whole milk st IB something raw every day, d. H . If possible, 5 times as much fruit, salads, vegetables, jacket potatoes, milk and quark than all other foods combined! The pleasure of "heart-strengthening" honey should not be forgotten! Above all, the "first" breakfast is a healthy and fresh "original food" in the form of an uncooked porridge of whole grain meal (e.g. wheat) soaked in water in the evening and on the next morning before eating, add milk, flaxseed and fresh fruit, compote or fruit juice (e.g. sea buckthorn juice)! Enjoy raw carrots, as the combination of vitamin E with A stimulates brain activity and maintains mental freshness. 8. Spring and autumn are times of crisis, so at this time do a three-week plant sap - blood purification cure with a "rejuvenating" germ diet If possible, use “trace element”. Natural “mineral water” or pure “sea water” are sufficient Be sure to carry out a “general cleansing” in the form of a 2–3 week juice fast under medical supervision. Obese people are advised to take the wheat "amygel cure".


for Inge 2 9. Schilaf is the first and best healer - the savior of the nervous system (Pavlov) Sleep does not mean rest, but inner work ", that is, acids and bases are exchanged during sleep. So go to bed early and get up early! Sleep well on a hard surface with the window open! Fight nerve-racking noise with "ear plugs"! 10. The environment shapes people a) Clothing: healthy clothing, healthy body d. H . the clothes are light, comfortable, warm, colorful - joyful! The greatest aspiration for a progressive, working person is the possession of work and leisure clothes (living clothes). The workwear, which is also colorful - in other words - which increases professional enjoyment, is intended to provide protection against contamination and special occupational damage at the same time. Healthy feet - firm gait - elastic gait A toddler's normal foot is best preserved by walking barefoot. The adult foot also requires a well-groomed health shoe, i. H . should not learn it (walk: a healthy person 1. his form must be anatomically correct, 2. his ventilation must be ensured, 3. light shoes with flat heels in the house must be common. In order to keep the body in balance when walking and standing the weight of the body must not rest on the heels but must be thrown on the ball of the foot. The gait becomes easier, the movements become more graceful and - which is the greatest advantage - one does not tire so easily. b) Home: That Home should be a place of rest - of collection - of beauty for the whole family, design your home according to the laws of light: color is light, and light is life! Without 'color' means surrender to death! If you want to overcome the "gray" of everyday life, let your home flash in colors! The old peasant culture is an eloquent example for you, it brings "radiant" spring into the house with its bright colors. The factory rooms, workshops and tools should also be colored, because color means joy and thus happy, even easier work. Everything behaves with the color, as with the music, the great friend and energy giver of our life.


The ultimate goal for a working person's life, however, is their own home in a settlement, a house bathed in light, air and sun! In addition, allow everyone to save a lot. c) Home: Love for home is easily connected with love for nature. So Sunday becomes a sunny day or health day, i.e. H . , go edifying on this day through the shining cathedral of nature, the eyes "look" wide open! Build yourself in this marvel and recognize its fundamental laws! Always see in your wife the best equal comrade; therefore clean up with her Bad habit that this one has most of the work on Sundays. IB "Fresh food" on Sunday! Let all your loved ones take part in this health day! Finally, attention should be drawn to the importance of an undivided "vacation in" completely changed surroundings. D) People: The greatest environmental factor, however, is people themselves, if only because of the language that connects everything: Yes. Today we know that one word - one thought - is enough to influence an organ and thus the whole person: human, become, be and remain human! 11. Concentration as a basic requirement for spiritual success So practice your memory - the function shapes the organ Spirit essentially depends on the length of life - whoever rests, rusts! When walking or repeating in leisure hours, certain landscapes and scenes are in the spirit in all their details. If one follows this advice, one will find that the effect is excellent 12. Prevention is better than cure At the end of the day, it is advisable to everyone to have themselves and their families examined by a doctor and dentist once a year this is part of natural health care and physical culture. How easy is life when you are healthy! No gain without diligence - no health without cooperation! Author: Dr. med. H. Burger, chief physician of the Bad Lobenstein sanatorium (Thür.) T - 14-7 629 8 MI 475-60”


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