Rare WW2 HomeFront Historical Letter Of Build Up To War

Rare WW2 HomeFront Historical Letter Of Build Up To War

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For sale is a business letter from British Insulated Cables ltd, dated august 1939 from the day it was sent, to the day it was received on the 6th September 1939, five days into the start of the Second World War. The letter from British Insulated Cables ltd addresses there customers, with working news of break out of war, this must have been a hugely stressful time leading into it. The main section of the letter sates:


Dear Sirs, 




We desire to advise you that subject to our ability to obtain raw materials, and restrictions which may be imposed upon us by the Authorities, we shall endeavor to maintain such supplies of our products and service to you as in the past. Will you please therefore continue to call upon us for your requirements which we shall do our best to meet. Faithfully yours, BRITISH INSULATED CABLES LIMITED. Managing director.”


Stating that during war everything will change, that everyone will have to sacrifice things, restrictions on raw materials will come back in place etc. This is a great historical record, one of many showing how quickly WW2 was plunged onto the British public. This is a great letter and full of important context. This will be sent 1st class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.