WW1 German Home Front Civilian Vaccination Certificate 1916 Dated

WW1 German Home Front Civilian Vaccination Certificate 1916 Dated

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For sale is a WW1 German Home Front Civilian Re-Vaccination Certificate 1916 Dated. 


The front page translates too:


“vaccination certificate. (Revaccination.)

Vaccination list A 64. SmppfbeirtArheilgen, vaccine certificate is for Elisabeth Deitrich December 22, 1904, was successfully revaccinated on October 6th. The vaccination satisfies the mandatory requirement. born in 1916. Note: The forms must be signed by the doctor concerned when they are issued and his/her status as a doctor or vaccinator is to be provided.


The back page translates too: 


“In every vaccination request, vaccinations are given free of charge every year at places and times that have been announced in advance. The first vaccination of children must be carried out before the end of the calendar year following the year of birth, the later vaccination (re-vaccination) at a public institution or a private school, with the exception of Sunday and evening schools, within the calendar year in which the child is born turn 12 years of age. If the vaccination is unsuccessful according to the doctor's judgment, it must be repeated next year at the latest. fetch advertise. Each person to be vaccinated must be presented to the doctor for inspection no earlier than the 6th and no later than the 8th day after the vaccination. Parents, foster parents and guardians, whose children or those in their care have been deprived of vaccination without a valid reason and in response to an official request for vaccination or subsequent presentation, have forfeited a penalty or imprisonment. Remark. The green form I. forms for everyone again. Vaccinations (§ 1, Biff. 1 of the Jmpf vessel) to use, burch which of the vascular obligation is satisfied.. Otherwise, if ju distinguish: 1. If the vaccination was successful the first or second time, then between the Words for ..... Maire ba's word first or second and between the words times... successes ba's word to switch on, 2. if the vaccination has been repeated for the second time (§ 3 bes Vaccination vaccines), then between ben words for Britten times bas word, in between In the words male.... success, depending on the vaccination successfully above was unsuccessful, bas word with or word without turning ons”. 


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