WW2 Australian Army 2AAAD Myambat 37 Letters & Envelopes

WW2 Australian Army 2AAAD Myambat 37 Letters & Envelopes

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For sale is a set of WW2 Australian Army Defence Establishment 2AAAD Myambat 37 Letters and Envelopes. There are 34 single envelopes (without letters) and 3 written letters all from a soldier in the Australian army: N321151 Lewis Shampley 3AE.L. DET. 2.A.A.A.D Myambat (Defence Establishment Myambat ammunition’s depot) all of the envelopes and letters are to a Mrs Denis Langley In Sydney Australia & a Mrs Dorothy Phillips in Sydney Australia & a Miss D Maxwell Sydney. 


The larger letter is to his darling wife stating that he “has arrived in this haven of beauty and quietness” and that “one of his blankets is missing otherwise everything is normal, cold and mosquitoes ridden” he then goes on to say “love you and miss you already” also talks about his friend Lance Corporal Harry Hock and how he has gone to Newcastle to put out a pool quarrrie fire and later says “poor fire” and then goes on to say t his wife “be a good little wire and love me the same as I love you my dearest” and to “accomplish everything on the list that I sent you”. 


These are interesting reads, and a good piece of history. Please understand that this collection comprises of mainly envelopes on there own with no contents, but there is three other written letters in this lot too. Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent first class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.