WW2 German Adolf Hitler Fund Trade  Industry Huge Donation Certificate

WW2 German Adolf Hitler Fund Trade Industry Huge Donation Certificate

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For sale are 4 WW2 all dated between 1933 to 1938 fuhrers German Fund Of German Trade And Industry certificates from the city of Duisburg, the donation was a rather large donation of 323 reichsmarks from “Firma Oberveser Privatschiffer-Vereinigung, Transport und Handel sgesellschaft m.b.H.” High donations like this were often given miniature daggers in the form of letter openers for the which ever industry’s it would belong.


The circular piece is a WHW Sammelverbot 1939-1940 Türplakette which is a paper WHW (Winterhilfswerk) Sammelverbot 1939-1940 Türplakette. These round paper labels with the name “Collecting prohibition” were used to attach next to a front door of houses of families that already made a serious donation for the WHW. To prevent that they would continuously be visited by other (WHW) charity collectors these labels were officially allowed to be attached. On them were the dates that no collecting was allowed.


Fund of German Trade and Industry ("Adolf-Hitler-Spende der deutschen Wirtschaft") was a donation from the German employers' association and the "Reichsverband" of German industry, which was established on June 1, 1933, to support the NSDAP. The inspiration to this project came from Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, the chairman of the Reichsverband der deutschen Industrie, and Martin Bormann. According to Speer, entrepreneurs were requested to contribute in appreciation for their profits from the economic boom. Bormann then distributed some of the donations to various party leaders on behalf of Adolf Hitler.


At first it was a voluntary donation, but during the following years it became more and more a forced contribution for some concerns. Till 1945 the party collected about 700 million Reichsmark (equivalent to 2 billion 2009 €).


These are very rare early contribution certificates and are pre the forced contributions. These will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.