WW2 German Entire Wartime Record: Financial & Military Of Stredden

WW2 German Entire Wartime Record: Financial & Military Of Stredden

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For sale is a huge WW2 German paperwork Group of the entire wartime military and financial record of Stredden in the district of Celle in Germany. All belonging to “Herrn Burgermeister” (English: The mayor) of stredden in the district of Celle Germany. Most of the letters are between Der Burgermeister (Stedden Mayor) and SS Wilhelm Heinichen  (Celle Landrat- District Leader), he played a large role in the exstermination of the Jewish population in Celle, and forced many of them out into concentration camps! (It’s worth doing some research into the district leader for Celle.) All of the signatures are done by hand! 


In this grouping there is just over 610 pieces of paperwork & 41 photographs (military & family) the most notable one is Adolf Hitlers personal political plane!! All the paperwork dates from 1939 to 1945, with the majority of the paperwork covering the entire war time period of the village of Steddens, finances, military records & budget plans for the 6 years of the war, covering every member of the community, there roles, jobs, income & tax, fines, military evolvement etc. I’ve only had time to briefly scan through the grouping, so there’s likely to be a lot more interesting pieces in here, and plenty of research to be done. It’s nearly unheard of to come across an entire record of a German village in wartime Germany! This is an extremely important record of World War II German Steddens history as it provides a historical record of the towns involvement good and bad during the wartime period. With in this paperwork grouping there’s also some original high ranking soldiers, SS & political members signatures to mention too. 


One of the documents, contains soldiers, officers & the elites military roles for several months starting 7th January 1944, this record/ timetable shows what exercises, duty’s and training except they had to carrying out etc. Some of these officers include: O.insp finke, Hptm. Fiene, Oblt. Schwandt, Hptm. Schneider, O. schirrm braun, Hptm. Brautigam, Hptm. Perlbach, Hptm. Prum, Insp.heilmeier, T. amtmann ulrich, KV. Insp. Duvenbeck, Oblt. Schirmann, Hptm. Frenzel, Hptm. Werner, Hptm. Schneider u trppenarzt, Insp. Heilmer. Also containing military records and there duty’s within the town for several months in 1944, contains military records of precautions the luftschutz had to carry out Etc. There are also several letters from leaders of the Hitler Youth for the Celle district (again worth doing some research into these guys and the parts they played in the war, and the final solution where they executed many Jews from a concentration camp). 


Most of the documents are financial records for the Town of Stredden in wartime, everyone’s (civilians & army) jobs incomes etc. This is a huge financial & military record! 


Open to offers on the group! 


This lot will be sent via express 48 and dispatched within two to three working day’s. This group would be a huge research task for anyone taking it on!