WW2 German Womens Agricultural Work Document & School Fancydress Photo

WW2 German Womens Agricultural Work Document & School Fancydress Photo

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For sale is a 1943 dated WW2 German Womens Agricultural Work Document & school/ college fancy dress Photograph, the translated version can be seen below. 


The front of the document:


PAINT Employment contract for age-old girls in agriculture. 8between the undersigned manager Herlerk Holshausen first and last name :, place of residence: and the signed compulsory year girl first and last name: Ehisabelh e.12.1926: iuv "qaß Yeipsig 05 Weiysenburgpde. 20 Crd The undersigned undertakes to take up domestic and agricultural work to the locally applicable labor and wage conditions and to carry out all work to the best of their abilities The monthly gross wage for this contract is 23, Sun RM. 31.344 RM. waa The working hours are based only on the tariff regulations the compulsory year girl to clean and tidy up her own bedroom must be adhered to. Morning pause and pause are to be switched on appropriately. The compulsory year girl is to be given 8 to 9 hours of sleep. The farmer can ask the farmer to rest in bed. The compulsory year girl is to be granted a completely free Sunday every month, regardless of the vacation entitlement in accordance with the Neichsjugendſchußgeſek. An immediate cancellation of the contract before the proper expiry is only possible if there is an important reason. In the case of disputes arising from the employment relationship - the social honorary jurisdiction is given the competence of the trustee of the work - immediately if not relevant - LAS 348, 80000, IX. 41,


The back of the document:


To notify the employment office, which will investigate the matter with the Rreisbauerhaft and for rectification of existing deficiencies for me. Within the first four weeks, both parties can withdraw from the contract with a three-day notice period. In this case, too, the competent employment office is to be seen, if the employment relationship is maintained beyond the compulsory year, the employment relationship following the compulsory year can be terminated by both parties at the end of the month for the next employee. The manager takes the compulsory year girl into the household with full family members. This includes that the parents respectively. Legal guardians are given the duty and the right to the watcher and in particular the farmer's wife, to have an educative influence on the compulsory year girl and to exercise the necessary supervision beyond working hours. The compulsory year furniture undertakes to adhere to the existing order in the company and house and to show respect and obedience to the farmer. The compulsory year girl is given sufficient, substantial food. The accommodation must be in perfect condition and the bedroom must be lockable. The bedroom must contain: bed with linen that is changed monthly, a lockable cupboard, chair, table and washbasin. The opportunity to bathe and do laundry, as well as to clean the bedroom, must be granted. In the case of illness of the compulsory year-old girl, the manager has the obligation to provide immediate medical help, to provide free koft and apartment in accordance with the tariff regulations and, if necessary, to arrange for the transfer to a hospital. The relatives REfihtiohrmähelR finh non thm: neighboring folsliousn ben -16. 1. 10), 1942, manager of the compulsory year-old girl and deſſen - 4 MAR. APBeitsamt Leipaig 1943 approval of the type of work: agricultural specialist mediator”


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