Early Post War Army Cadet Force Medal & Paperwork To SGT D H Springett

Early Post War Army Cadet Force Medal & Paperwork To SGT D H Springett

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For sale is a WW to Early Post War Army Cadet force Medal & Paperwork Group to 21070884 SGT Dennis Harold Springett. Denis first enrolled with the army cadets on the 15th of February 1944 in Kent. Then on the 15th of January 1948 he was called up for military service with the 33rd battalion royal army pay corps and later discharged in aldershot 1st December 1949. And again called up to the reservists from the 9th August 1952 to the 23rd August 1952 with the royal army pay corps training at foots cray. 


This grouping includes: 

1. 1944 army cadet force, the cadets pocket book dated 1944.

2. Skill at arms record book

3. Soldiers service and pay book

4. Particulars of officer or reservist

5. Royal army pay corps letter of recommendation signed by captain

6. National service medal box

7. National service full sized medal

8. Miniature national service medal 

9. Spare ribbon for national service medal 

10. National service medal no 12315 british legion card 

11. Notification of a sort of medical exam

12. Form for reservist warning him that he be acquired to attend training.

13. Notice to join for training 

14. Tele foots cray 3361 extension 8 letter 

15. Claim for marriage allowance form

16. Notes of the guidance of servicemen

17. For service training 1952 Footscray 

18. Information for service training with regimental pay office all artillery field 1952

19. Annexure to enclosure clothing scale z reservists of ranks

20. War certificate A

21. Soldiers release book

22. Record of service card

23. This is to certify that the army cadet force

24. National service act grade card

25. 3 x empty envelopes

26. 6 x written letters

27. H feather stone x 3 apprenticeship letters 


Good piece of history, and still plenty of potential research to be done. This will be sent 1st class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.