WW1 British 1914-15 Medal & Research, Face Shot 1917 Arras Vimy Ridge

WW1 British 1914-15 Medal & Research, Face Shot 1917 Arras Vimy Ridge

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For sale is a WW1 British 1914–15 Star Campaign Medal & Ribbon With Research. 


Wounded at the battle of Arras/ battle of Vimy Ridge 10/04/1917. 


This medal is engraved on the back stating ”24195 pte j chamberlain Lan:Fus”. Soldiers full name is John Chamberlain, Church of England, Trade upon enlistment was a miner, Born in North Bulwell, who enlisted into the British army aged 26 Years 14 Weeks on the 31st August 1914 with the Sherwood Foresters and later transferred to the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. 


The first piece of research in this group is a photo copy scan of his Squadron Troop, Battery and Company Conduct Sheet, regiment of the sherwood foresters. Age on enlistment 26 years 14 Weeks old, Church of England, trade on enlistment a miner, Place of enlistment north Bulwell, on the 31st August 1914. In which John Chamberlain committed 7 offences throughout his time serving in the British army, mainly offences of absences from duty. 


Second piece of research in this group is a form labelled First-Award Soldier. Form filled out on the 16th Feb 1920. Rank for pension PTE, discharged in Nottingham, martial status as married, name John Chamberlain, discharged from Lancashire Fusiliers, discharged on the 27-12-1919. Upon Discharge his regimental number was 24195, and discharged to the current address Morris road, front ST Starnold, Disability code no 9.


Third piece of research in this group is his Military History Sheet: serving at home 31.08.1914 till 02.08.1915, serving with the British expeditionary force 03.08.1915-14.04.1917 where he was wounded, recording in Britain 15.04.1917- 08.06.1917 and then served in France again after recovering 09.06.1917- 18.09.1919, and then served back at home 19.09.1918-27.12.1919. 


Fourth piece of research is to 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers regiment of corps when decoration was earned roll of individuals entitled to the decorations grander under army order 20 of 1919: 24195 PTE Chamberlain J. Date of disembarkment 29-7-1915.1. To class Z.A.R 27112-19.


Fifth piece of research is a summary sheet of his hospital transfer to place of rest. Transferred from sick convoy No. 112 Ambulance Train. Wounded Gunshot wound II (1) face, slight. Date of alignment 11/04/1917, notes on alignment Hospital Ship 15/04/1917, number of days in treatment 5 days, Arras 04/10/1917. Do not. 1 Casualty Clearing Station. Serving with 2nd Battalion B Company. Taken to No. 18 General Hospital at CAMIERS, FRANCE Ser: 27700-28389.


Sixth piece of research dated 14th June 1919, letter states: “Re 24195 Pte Chamberlain, The above named /s at present a patient at the Military Hospital Ashton in Makerfield, will you kindly forward A.F.B.103 in respect of this soldier so that I can comply with Demob Regula ti ons para 708 111.”


Seventh piece of research is the original statement of the services form. Left the forces after 5 years and 143 days. 


Eight piece of research is the short service of three years with the colours affectation of John Chamberlain, questions put to the recruit before enlistment. 


Ninth piece of research is a handwritten document John Chamberlain- Lancashire fusiliers 21495, 13899, 27-12-1919 S.B.K 15491 Nots & Derby.


Tenth piece of research, Lancashire Fusiliers Regiment or Corps Roll of individuals entitled to the victory and war medals, in which John chamberlain was entitled to war and victory medal, but unfortunately these are not present. 


Eleventh piece of research entitlement sheet; entitled to the victory and war medal on the 14/1/1921 and entitled to the 1914-15 star from serving in France 11/01/1918.


All paperwork are scans of the original, upon winning the bid please message me if you would like printed out copies or digital scans. 


This will be sent via Royal Mail 1st class signed for and dispatched within two working days.