WW2 Medal Group To D C Wilsher RE 1st Army Africa Wounded Italy 1944

WW2 Medal Group To D C Wilsher RE 1st Army Africa Wounded Italy 1944

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For sale is a WW2 Medal Group To 1920038 Sapper Douglas Charles Wilsher Royal Engineers. Born 09-02-1920, enlisted as a concretor in Portsmouth in 12-02-1940. In the particulars of training it’s mentioned that he was awarded a Africa star with a 1st army clasp. (This clasp is missing). Throughout the war he was in unit 698 Art. Wks. Coy. R.E. October 5th 1944, in Italy, the IV Corp of the Fifth Army launches an attack towards La Spezia, where Douglas Wilsher was injured, and spent some time in hospital, he also awarded a wound badge for this incident. 


Included in this grouping is:

1. WW2 Defence Medal

2. WW2 war medal

3. WW2 1939-45 stat

4. Ww2 Italy medal

5. Ww2 africa star 

6. WW2 wound badge in box

7. Ww2 paybook 

8. Release form

9. 5th army presents the 21st special service company 2nd edition of the overseas Stars and Gripes programme Italy 

10. Pass for recruits 

11. Certificate of transfer to the army reserve 

12. Pass to spend time in Florence 26 September 1944

13. National health and pensions insurance

14. Conditions of employment and general information Portsmouth group hospital management committee 1952 

15. General hospital discharge slip movement order 20th October 1944


This is a great grouping with plenty of potential research. This will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.