WW2 Searchlight RA Medal & Paperwork  Grouping Sgt P.P Cole 23 Years

WW2 Searchlight RA Medal & Paperwork Grouping Sgt P.P Cole 23 Years

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For sale is a paperwork and medal grouping belonging to Philip Parsons Cole who had a long military career in various regiments from 1934 to 1960 serving just over 26 years. He was entitled to the British war medal, defence medal, Africa star, 1939 to 45 star, France and Germany star, efficiency medal with first clasp. (However first clasp and efficiency medal is missing). Cole was born on 29.05.1921 and enlisted in Hastings Essex. 


His service is as follows: 


1. Royal engineers: 06.10.1934 till 31.7.1940

2. Royal artillery 1.8.1940 till 27.10.1943

3. Royal Army service Corps 28.10.1943 till 18.7.1946

4. Territorial Army royal engineers 16.6.1947 till 15.6.1951

5. Territorial Army royal engineers 29.7.1952 till 1.4.1960


In these years he served with The following units:


1. 15 Coy Royal Army service Corps tank transporter TRTR

2. Royal Artillery C.O 36th Searchlight royal artillery 

3. Royal engineers 36th (witch) anti-aircraft company

4. 317th anti aircraft company R.E.T

5. 101st tank transportation column royal army service corps 


T/2045061 DVR Phillip parsons Cole 15 coy RASC tank transporter

2045061 gnr p.p Cole c.o. 36th searchlight regiment royal Artillery

2045061 Spr P.P Cole 36 (witch) A.A battalion RE 


This grouping includes: 


1. War medal

2. Defence medal

3. Africa star

4. 1939 to 1945 star

5. France and Germany star

6. 250 field Squadron royal engineers territorial Army cover 

7. 1939 notes on the car and maintenance of mechanical vehicles manual 

8. 1939 250 field Squadron who is who in your squadron 

9. The Royal engineers association service self rules and regulations 1970

10. 1939 addition World War II national defence pocketbook

11. Soldiers release book class a

12. Territorial Army instructions as to procedure on embodiment army form E523

13. Letter number to buy the commander in chief one non-fraternisation 1945

14. Identification card for mechanical transport drivers of the office 1944 to 1945

15. 1943 regimental route for two trips carrying rations

16. Campaign medals entitlement sheet

17. Record of service sheet eighth of May 1946

18. Army book 153 field message book

19. ER SO book 121

20. ER SO book iii containing every page with notes and dried flowers

21. 1972 letter to India

22. 1972 Department of health and social security letter

23. Reserve and auxiliary forces act 1939 to your army calling out notice signed by the tenant colonial all engineers

24. Territorial Army newspaper clipping. Territorial Army spirit they lost one unit but found another some terriers dropped a stripe cheerfully. Coles name mentioned

25. Certificate of service

26. Certificate of service

27. Photo of him and his family

28. 20 passages card for Allied forces 1945 in uniform Brussels trams

29. World War II German football ticket

30. World War II British Army pay book in rough condition

31. Territorial Army uniform pass rasc 1948

32. Certificate of registered postal packer 

33. Soldiers pay book part two card

34. Efficiency medal first class award envelope

35. Identification card for mechanical transport drivers war office 10.12.1945 till 9.12.1946

36. Demolition of Ditton Bridge army form W4012 1957 and drawing

37. Post office telegram 1938

38. Five ribbons for medal entitlement shortcut

39. Two stamps

40. Field engineering and mind warfare pamphlet number three demolitions part one all areas 1953 restricted top-secret

41. Promotion letter typed 1947

42. All services list of stores tools and instruments 1949

43. Seasonal greetings aboriginal card arrawinnigiri tribe by John H Shaw 

44. Newspaper article local territories attack regulars

45. Several pages of notes

46. Strange Hebrew or Arabic writings/ edgings unable to translate

47. Northern zone layer 1945 map 


This is a great lot with plenty of research to be done, this lot will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.