1910s Conjurer Catalog For Parlor Western Puzzle Works Black Americana

1910s Conjurer Catalog For Parlor Western Puzzle Works Black Americana

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For sale is a Rare Antique 1910s Illustrated conjurers catalogue by Western Puzzle Worms. This catalog is a 26 page spread and is a rare piece of American history, containing many adds, novelty and tricks from the 1910s, illustrations etc. One of the most important adverts for the United States social aspect is an “undressed black kid” novelty black Americana of the day. The “joke” consists of the following: A photo can also be seen of these particular adds. 

“Undressed Black Klds. If you want to play a joke on one of your lady friends, make them a present of 2 Pair of Undressed Black Kids. It is a great joke to mail to a friend, and it it only requires a two cent stamp todo so. The whole thing consists of a regulation size glove box, labelled as shown in illustration. Each box has two nigger babies neatly sewed on the inside. "See the joke This is an article that must be seen to be appreciated . Price postpaid 25”

Another derogative advert/ look into the United States social history in this catalog is:  

“THE JEWISH NICKLE A Very Clever Pocket Joke With a few of these Jewish or Yiddish Nickle, you can have no end of fun. Hand it to a friends street car conductor, or a storekeeper and wacth his face as he examines it. It is made of silver finished white metal. Price 10c each, three for 25e., one dozen 750., postpaid.”

Not only does this catalog show a great insight into the United States social history. It shows us a range of products that were available in this time. Very little of these catalogs haves survived. This will be sent via special delivery.