Original Antique 1880s Tibetan Kapala Silver Mounted Ram Skull

Original Antique 1880s Tibetan Kapala Silver Mounted Ram Skull

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For sale is an Original Antique 1880s Tibetan Buddhist Kapala Silver Mounted ritualistic Ram Skull. This is an original item and not a resin reproduction, this is guaranteed original or money back guaranteed.


The Tibetan skull (Kapala or Thod-pa) is used in tantric Buddhist ritual practices to represent the transformation of delusion into perfect wisdom. The mask also symbolises Great Bliss and is a potent symbol of impermanence. Traditionally crafted from the human cranium , sacred monkey skull or and a ram skulls & tortoise shells. It is one of the principal practice supports of the Tibetan Buddhist or Vajrayana yogin. 


This kapala mask is elaborately mounted with precious metals (in this case silver) and a several jewels, on the four head, two in the eyes, and two either side of the face. No parts are missing and it’s in beautiful condition. The precious metals are shaped in important Hindu/ Buddhist symbols like the lotus flower, dragons, skulls and other fancy decoration , Which is in excellent detail. 


Measurements are as followed: 

Width antler/ horn tip to tip: 34cm

Length: 25cm

Height of floor: 14.5cm 


In good condition for its age, however it does have several chips of the antler/ horns so please see photos before purchasing. 


This will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.