Victorian 1880s Meerschaum Memento Mori Skull Pipe By Arthur Schneider

Victorian 1880s Meerschaum Memento Mori Skull Pipe By Arthur Schneider

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For sale is a Victorian 1880s Meerschaum Momento Mori Carved Human Skull Pipe Resting In A hand. This pipe is incredibly detailed, with every tooth, coronal structure, macula, nasal cartilage, bone structure Showing in perfect detail. The meerschaum pipe had a beautiful patina where it’s been used over the years, currently at a orange, reddy brown colour. In which it comes in its original leather case maker marked Arthur Schneider Leipzig. Who was a prominent figure in his field, on hand carving quality beautiful Meerschaum pipes in the late 1880s into the early 1900s. 


The detailed measurements are as followed below


Leather case:

Length: 5.48cm

Width: 3.80cm

Height: 6.64cm

Case materiel thickness: 0.36cm

Open length: 9.87cm


Meerschaum Carved skull pipe: 

Length: 5.14cm

Width: 2.82cm

Height: 5.87cm

Pipe top outerim: 2.02cm

Pipe top innerim: 1.23cm

Mouthpiece outrim: 1.81cm

Mouthpiece innerim: 0.86cm

Handle length: 4.63cm

Hand width: 2.34cm

Skull height: 4.34cm

Skull width: 2.84cm

Skull length: 3.63cm


Replacement Mouthpiece: 

Length: 12.46cm

Thinnest end: 0.56cm

Thickest end: 11.50cm

Opening connecting to pipe: 0.29cm

Opening connecting to mouth: 0.33cm

This is one of the most detailed hand carved  Meerschaum pipes I've had the pleasure of seeing, this has a beautiful patina, and is a true piece of art.

The pipe overall is in great condition, one small chip to the top pipe piece (please see photos), the leather case Is also in great condition and maker marked Arthur Schneider Leipzig. The pipe currently has a replacement mouthpiece, but more antique and more appealing mouthpieces can be purchased for this beautiful piece. This will be sent via special delivery, insured, and dispatched within two to three working day’s. Happy to send worldwide.