WW1 2nd Dragoon (The Royal Scots Greys)  Battle Honours Postcard

WW1 2nd Dragoon (The Royal Scots Greys) Battle Honours Postcard

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For sale is a WW1 2nd Dragoon (The Royal Scots Greys) Battle Honours Postcard. This is in good condition. 

HISTORY AND TRADITIONS. This famous regiment was raised in 1678. After serving under William III. in Flanders it again went to Flanders in 1702-13, where it fought with great distinction throughout the campaign. It was present at Blenheim, Ramillies, (where it captured the "Standard" of the French Regiment du-Roi), Oudenarde, and Malplaquet, and was present at nearly all the sieges of the campaign. It was in the Flanders campaign, 1742-7 and fought at Dettingen (where it captured a white standard of the French Maison Roi); and at Fontenoy. Roucoux, and Val. It went to Germany, 1758-62, and fought at the battles of Minden, Warburg, Kirk-Denkern, Groebenstein, and numerous skirmishes. It took part in the Flanders campaign, 1793-5. It won much distinction, and at Waterloo during one of the charges of the Union Brigade, captured the Eagle of the 45th French Regiment. During the Crimean war it was present at Balaklava, Inkerman. the Tchernaya, and siege of Sevastopol. During the South African War it took part in the relief of Kimberley, and in the fierce battles leading up to the capture of Pretoria, and throughout the campaign upheld its proud motto, "Second to None."
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