WW2 Photograph Album Used By Both Wehrmacht & British. Montgomery Etc

WW2 Photograph Album Used By Both Wehrmacht & British. Montgomery Etc

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For sale is an amazing piece of history, a photograph album containing 178 photographs, 54 German and 124 British photographs. This photograph album shows/ portrays the end of ww2 from both the German and English side of the war, where the photograph album started with the German Wehrmacht & elite Calvary division throughout there time in France, the Netherlands and Germany, mainly consisting of regimental photographs of 10 up to 100 men. Mainly photographs including the high ranking officers leading on horses, through the battle damaged neighbourhoods, towns and cities. Many of which the photographs look like they’ve been shot from someone riding a horse most Noticeably visible from photographs left to right photograph 9 and 12. Some of the more interesting German photographs include German artillery, ww2 German motorcycle and sidecars, Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. C being drove, numerous vehicles, destroyed collapses buildings,a Krupp Protze ID 31 Etc. In which these Photographs were taken by the Germans from the years 1939 to 1945, where the German photographer like many other Wehrmacht becomes a prisoner of war and then is handed over to a British soldier. 


The second half of the album consists of 124 photographs from the British perspective, this time of Germany during 1945 observing the ruins, and people left behind. These photographs taken from a British sergeant who was working at a displaced persons camp for a duration of his service with 5th infantry division. 


Two Exceedingly rare original one of a kind photographs in this photograph album feature General Montgomery at displaced displaced persons camp in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The two photographs show him Receiving flowers from a young Polish Girl and the other of him with his hands in his coat pockets looking forwards. 


Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery visited a number of DP camps in Germany during his inspection tour of the 5th Infantry Division. The first visit was to a refugee camp in Friedland in Lower Saxony, where large numbers of German refugees streaming over the border into the British occupation zone. Here a camp was established to give medical aird, food and clothing to them, and to move them westwards for shelter and homes. The next morning he visited a Polish Displaced Persons camp at Clausthal-Zellerfeld in Lower Saxony where a large gathering of DPs greeted him in true Polish custom. On the last day Marshal Montgomery visited another DP camp near Brunswick, the Herman Goering Reichswerkes, and the Voightlander Camera works to complete the tour.


Further photographs show post war shots of Labour camps, civilian life, destroyed towns. Some more extremely important photographs in the British section is of a full shot of a V1 rocket and a Panzer dump scrap yard, multiple Labour camps, the ruins of Hannover either sides of the road, Captain Q & Anner, a German dining area left how it was with a large flag & a portrait on the wall, a local German chimney sweep, Holzminden Barracks Etc. Travelling through German towns, cities and wider Germany, these locations include: Hahnenklee, zellerfeld, Alfred, bad nenndorf. 


These are all original photographs, never before seen! Montgomery photographs at DP camp are completely original taken by sergeant within the 5th infantry division, and were not replicated. A very rare pair of photographs. 


The photographs make up part of the description, I will describe the item the best I can and to the best of my knowledge. As the buyer please view the photos carefully before purchasing. Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s. Also happy to post world wide.