Lot Of Royal Invitations To Lady Morrison-Bell 1891-1920

Lot Of Royal Invitations To Lady Morrison-Bell 1891-1920

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For sale is a lot of 10 royal invitations to Lady Morrison-Bell, Miss Morrison-Bell and sir Charles all dating from  3rd of June 1891 to the last invitation on 22nd July 1920. 

Provenance of Sir Charles Morrison-Bell & Lady Morrison-Bell: 

Sir Charles William Morrison-Bell, 1st Baronet, of Otterburn Hall, Elsdon, county Nothumberland, who was Deputy Lieutenant for Durham and Justice of the Peace of Sussex, Wiltshire, and Northumberland, as well as a Lieutenant of the 15th Hussars. 

Charles William Bell (later Morrison-Bell) was born on 18 March 1833 in Bishopwearmouth, Durham. He married Louisa  Maria (Dawes) Morrison-Bell 1 September 1863 at St Mary's church, Moseley by Birmingham, Worcestershire. On 18 December 1905 he became the 1st Baronet of Otterburn Hall. He died on 21 October 1914, his death was registered in Bellingham, Northumberland, aged 81 years old. He is buried in St John the Evangelist Churchyard, Otterburn, Northumberland. Studied at St John's College, Cambridge University on 12 October 1854. In His Military Career he serves as a Major 3rd Battalion Durham Rifle Volunteers. 

Lady Morrison-Bell, (Louisa Maria Morrison-Bell born Dawes). Was born in 1844, at birth place of Kenilworth. Louisa was baptized on month day 1844, at baptism place. Louisa married Sir Charles William, 1st Baronet of Manor Heath Morrison-Bell on month day 1863, at age 19. Sir was born on March 18 1833, in Field House, Wearmouth, Durham. They had 6 children: Lt Col Ernest Fitzroy Morrison-Bell, Maj Sir Arthur Clive 1st and last Baronet Morrison-Bell and 4 other children. Louisa passed away on month day 1920, at age 76 at death place.

  1. Christmas/ New Year’s Eve card dated 1891-2 “with Christmas greetings and good wishes for the new year from all at yewhurst.” Card is split into three parts, 1st blank, 2nd a castle illustration and 3rd church bells with writing. 
  2. Queen Victoria, Ball at Buckingham palace, dated 3rd June 1891. “The lord chamberlain is commanded by the queen to invite Mr & mrs Bell &.......... to a ball on Wednesday the 3rd of June 1891 arctic 10:30 o clock, Buckingham palace, full drefs.” On reverse written in pencil “ Yewhurst earl F...... ........ super”.
  3. Afternoon party Buckingham palace, 11th July 1900, the last public occasion Queen Victoria was at. “The lord chamberlain commanded by the queen to invite mr Charles bell & mrs bell to an afternoon party on Wednesday the 11th of July 1900 from 5 to 7 o clock, Buckingham palace, morning drefs”. Queen Victoria hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace on 11th July, doing the rounds of the guests in her carriage, and taking tea in her tent. It was the last major public occasion at which she was present, and her family started to become concerned. 
  4. Court held at Buckingham palace, 6th June 1902, Edward VII “ the lord chamberlain is commanded by his majesty to invite mr & mrs bell to a court to be held at Buckingham palace on Friday the 6th June 1902 at 10 o’clock pm. Full dress ladies with feathers and trains”. 
  5. Royal Invitation from princess Fredrica of Hanover (9 January 1848 – 16 October 1926) “Her royal highness the princess Frederica will receive mr & mrs bell, miss bell, mr lustace bell on Wednesday evening April 16th 9-30 to 12 on..... RSVP.”
  6. Afternoon party Windsor castle 22nd June 1907 The King's garden party at Windsor] On the afternoon of 22 June 1907 King Edward VII hosted a gigantic garden party on the grounds of Windsor Castle. There were an estimated eight thousand guests, drawn from the ranks of aristocracy, government, the military, and artists (Lathem 2006, 25–30). The invitation card is embossed with king Edward VII royal cyphers. “ The lord chamberlain is commanded by their majesties to invite sir C & lady Morrison bell + miss Bell to an afternoon party on Saturday the 22nd June 1907 from 4:30 to 7 o’clock. Windsor castle, morning dress, see other side: special trail will leave Paddington as follows Paddington, Windsor...... special trains will leave Windsor from 6:39pm on return. Their majesties guests are requested to take advantage as far as possible of the early special trains in order to prevent any over crowding. The pass accompanying this card must be given up to the officials on duty at the entrance of Windsor castle”.
  7. Duke & dutchess of Hamilton inviting the Morrison-Bell’s to a golden wedding of Major& mrs Poore, Balcombe Place, date is unknown but is before his death in 1914, letter is embossed with a crown. “The duke and dutchess of Hamilton & Brandon invite sir Charles & lady Morrison-Bell May 5th at 4pm on the occasion of the golden wedding of Major & mrs Poore. Balcombe Palace balcombe, train leaves Victoria 2.3pm, arrives Hayward heaths 3.32pm. RSVP”. 
  8. Lady Edith “Duchess Of Northumberland” Campbell Percy invites sir Charles and lady Morrison-bell to stay at Syon house between 28th June 1913 & 16th July 1913. Where the dutchess of Northumberland dies Sunday 6th July 1913 aged 63. “Sir Charles & lady Morrison-bell, Miss Morrison-bell. The Dutchess of Northumberland at home Saturday June 28th + Wednesday July 16th. Syon House Brentford, sun 6th July 1913. 4 to 7”. 
  9. Kings George V’s and Queen Mary of treck’s Garden party 11th July 1919 at Buckingham palace. “The lord chamberlain is commanded by theirs majesties to invite the widow lady Morrison-Bell and miss Morrison-Bell to an afternoon party in the garden of Buckingham palace on Friday the 11th July 1919 from 4 to 6:30pm. (Weather permitting) Morning dress”. 
  10. Kings George V’s and Queen Mary of treck’s Garden party 22nd July 1920. The garden party was given to the 628 holders of the VC, Where King George V, shaked the hands of the Victoria Cross holders. “The lord chamberlain is commanded by their majesties to invite Dow lady Morrison-bell & miss Morrison-Bell to an afternoon party in the garden of Buckingham Palace on Thursday the 22nd July 1920. From 4 to 6:30 pm (weather permitting) morning dress”.