Vietnam War M-1955 1st Pattern USMC Flack Body Armor Medium Sized

Vietnam War M-1955 1st Pattern USMC Flack Body Armor Medium Sized

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For sale is a Korean War and used in the Vietnam war M-1955 1st pattern (out of 3) USMC United States Marine Corps Flack fragmentation vest Body Armour, Medium Sized. In great condition & all complete, please see photos! Guaranteed original or money back.


The M-1955 USMC Armored Vest History/ Development:The USMC M-1951 was upgraded and became the USMC M-1955, used by the Marine Corps in Vietnam. Like the Army vests used in Vietnam, the M-1951 "Marine Vest" was developed during the Korean War and is described in the section called "M-1951 USMC Armored Vest" on the page about Body Armor in the Korean War.

The M-1955 vest was very similar to the M-1951 but had a rope ridge fitted to the right shoulder so as to retain a slung rifle while on the march. The vest itself was made from nylon and had 23 separate 5 1/4in square, by 1/8in thick Doron inserts. These inserts overlapped (internally) in pockets below the shoulder area, these overlapping pockets were formed by 13 layers of nylon as ballistic filler. This vest (like the Army M69) had a ¾ length collar constructed from 6 piles of ballistic nylon. In the medium size the vest weighed 10lb3oz and each one cost $47.00.

The M-1955 was also issued with the Korean war vintage lower torso armor M-1953, commonly referred to as the "flak diaper". These were detested by the troops who thought they were too restrictive for the little additional protection they offered. In helicopters, if someone was worried about shots from below, he would sit on his flak jacket.

In the late 1960s, two large front pockets were added to many M-1955 vests. Here you are purchasing an original M-55 vest with no pockets, the first pattern of the M-1955 vests. 


The US label is clear and unfaded and states: 

“IMPORTANT ARMOR, BODY, FRAGMENTATION PROTECTIVE: UPPER TORSO, M-1955 (W/COLLAR) VENTY PERCENT of all combat casualties are caused by fragmentation type weapons. This vest, including the flexible shoulder pad area and collar, will afford you considerable protection from these missiles. However, it will NOT protect You from ALL small arms fire at close range. Take care of your vest and wear it wisely, IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE! U.S. MARINE CORPS, SIZE Medium”. 


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