Early WW2 Brass RAF SOE Escape Compass

Early WW2 Brass RAF SOE Escape Compass

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For sale is an Early WW2 Brass RAF (Royal Air Force) SOE Escape Compass , in great working condition and (recently cleaned). This escape Compass you are bidding on is 5mm height x 11.2 diameter, which has domed lenses on both top and bottom of compass, 


Most of these compasses are of British design and manufacture unless. The British made many different types of escape compasses. Newer models of the escape compasses were produced when the previous model started becoming discovered by the enemy. The arrow is made from blue Sheet steel and the upper rim protrudes outwards. This really is a great eaeky


Early type British escape compass: 


This type of escape compass was made by the British before the war, and issued into the first years of the war. Its aluminium body – 0.622″ (15,8 mm) across x 0.287″ (7,3 mm) high – and its more elaborate construction compared to later models confirm this. Aluminium was not used on war time manufactured escape compasses. Instead, brass bodies were the norm, on American, Britsh and foreign models alike. As the war wore on, aluminium had to be saved for aircraft production. For all countries’ we can see aluminium being replaced by iron, steel and brass in all kinds of equipment, such as buckles, canteens and mess tins. The construction can be considered more elaborate, and thus more costly to manufacture, because of several points. It has eight compass directions printed on a cardboard circle, with the four main directions marked in red. These directions can also be read from both sides. As for the arrow, it is actually arrow-shaped (instead of most types) and stamped out of blued sheet steel. It is suspended on a pin between both glass lenses. 


The colour of the pin appears to be blue/black, so it may just as well be steel, On one side, it protrudes where it is crimped to one of the glass covers. This is guaranteed original or money back guaranteed. These will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.