WW2 US Navy & Airforce Match Box Covers Collection Pearl Harbour

WW2 US Navy & Airforce Match Box Covers Collection Pearl Harbour

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For sale is a fantastic Collection Of period WW2 United States Navy & Airforce Match Box Covers. All together there are 16 military themed match book covers presented in white bordered frame. More details of each cover can be seen below (in the photos going from top left to right each time).


1. Ww2 civil defence & war bonds match stick cover: “Own a share in America, for safety but war bonds stamps, civilian defence volunteer offices: Manhattan, Brooklyn, bronx, queens, Richmond. Made in the usa the diamond match co. N.y.c”


2. Ww2 buy more war bonds match stick cover:

“we must win! Buy more war bonds stamps. Our first duty. Buy more war bonds stamps”.


3. Ww2 Royal Navy & Union Jack club match stick cover:

“ phone va 6-0879 the Union Jack club 63 west 44th street New York City, welcome to the Royal Navy. Made in the USA the diamond match co nyc”.


4. Ww2 United States defence bonds match stick cover:

“Keep em flying. Get in the scrap. Save waste paper and help win the war. Buy United States savings defence bonds and stamps. Made in the USA the diamond match co nyc”. 


5. Ww2 Pegasus United States British airborne match stick cover:

“vivida vis animi” illustration of Pegasus airborne flash above Latin scroll”


6. Ww2 United States Navy receiving barracks in Brooklyn match stick cover:

“United States navy the receiving barracks in Brooklyn” gold cover with crosses anchors and a us navy emblem.


7. Ww2 British War Relief Assn. Of Northern California match stick cover:

“ British war relish ass:n of n california made in USA the diamond match co Chico calif”


8. Ww2 United States victory v match stick cover:

“V. Made in USA the diamond match co nyc.” 


9. Ww2 revenge for Pearl harbour match stick cover:

“ strike em dead remember Pearl Harbor. Feature match book pat 1839845-6 lion match inc Sam Francisco cal” 


10. Ww2 French navy double match stick cover:

“Richelieu. Femer avant d’allumer. Universal match corp New York.” 


11. Ww2 Sea bees us naval construction training centre match stick cover:

“Seabees U.S naval construction training centre camp Allen Norfolk VA. Lion match inc n.y made in USA” 


12. Ww2 United States Navy men make the navy match stick cover:

“Fight for your country don’t wait choose not get in the navy! Men make the navy. The navy makes men. Universal match corp St. Louis”. 


13. Ww2 United States choose the navy now match stick cover:

“Action! Training! Advancement! Don’t wait! Choose the navy now! Men of action pick the navy! Universal match corp St. Louis”.


14. Ww2 United States naval air station alameda California match stick cover:

“ U.S Naval Air Station Alameda California. Made in the U.S.A the diamond match co nyc.”


15. Ww2 United States naval air station Moffett field California match stick cover:

“ Moffett field California US naval air station U.S navy.”


16. Ww2 United States Navy match stick cover:

“U.S Navy United States Navy USN. Lion match inc Sam Francisco Cal.” 


Measurements of frame: 32cm width x44cm height x 1cm depth. 


This is an incredibly rare collection of war time United States Navy and airforce match stick covers, mostly in good condition, with strong vivid colours! Please see photos for more details. Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent first class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.