1941 Reich Association of German Mountain and Hiking Associations Card

1941 Reich Association of German Mountain and Hiking Associations Card

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For sale is a WW2 1941 dated Reich-Association of German Mountain and Hiking Associations Members Card. 


Front cover translated states:


Rhönflubzweigverein Bad Neuftadt a.Saale G.B. Member of the Reich-Association of German Mountain and Hiking Associations in the National Fozialiffiſchen Reichsbund for Physical Exercise Hiking and Berantaltungsplan 1941 Stay loyal to the Rhön Club! RHON.


Inner pages: 


March 1st, 18th Annual General Assembly, followed by a home evening with borrowing. March 30th half-day hike Steinacher Straße – Nic- derlauer-Salz. April 2, 3, 27, spring meeting of the Saalegau in Mellrichftadt. 4th May 11th Haltagê hike Jägersteig-Schönau. May 5th, 18th Reichsftern hike Schönau - Jägersteig- Streuzberg. June 2nd bike excursion Münnerstadt - Stadtlauringen - Königshofen. June 6th, 7th, 15th Gaustern hike in Schönau-Neustädter-Haus June 8th, 24th, evening hike in Ingebrandfiedlung. 9. 5-6. July main meeting in Bad Kiffingen. July 10th 14th evening hike in Salzburg. July 11th, 27th day hike Bildhausen - Münnerstadt. 12. 10. Anguſt day hike Wegfurt-Neustädter-Haus. 13. August 31st half-day hike Palmsberg-Hohenroth. 14. 14. Cept. Day hike from Stollertshof-Rödles-Fritfenhausen-Unsleben. September 15th, 28th peldengedenffeicr Heidelflein. 16. 12. Olt. Half-day hike Rödelmaier-Hollstadt. 17. 16. Non, üttenfeft Neſtätter house. 18, 30 Nov. Alten Berge-Heustreu. December 19th, 9th home evening with a lecture and handover of the hiking badge. Subject to changes!


Reverse states: 


To raise and promote the wanderlust and love for the homeland is our highest task also for the war year 1941. “Right now we want to hike!” In our beautiful homeland and that makes us strong. 1941 shouldn't stand back behind the elapsed years, so everyone who has not gone astray comes back, bring new friends of hiking with you! Wear hiking clothing for all of our events and the hiking awards you have earned, thereby also showing your connection to the home subject on the outside! As since then, the hikes will be published in the "Rhön and Saalpost" and posted in the Rhön club box at the Papierſchmitt house


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