Pair Of WW2 German 1930s & 1940s Homefront Advertisements

Pair Of WW2 German 1930s & 1940s Homefront Advertisements

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For sale is a pair of WW2 Era german for the 1930s and 1940s, for the following products:


1. Honey - Flycatcher Aeroxon G with the pen catches all flies! Just arrived !


2. Jansohn's IDEAL - ERASER BLÖ KE Janschn's IDEAL ERASER to: NIKMENJALI nde Hoo With our Jansohn's Ideal - Eraser "Hungry" we have produced a really useful eraser that completely fulfills all requirements; by attaching a layer of corrugated cardboard along with a thick wool felt pad, that the extinguisher retains its elasticity and the block its softness up to the last blotting sheet, whereby the last sheet is just as absorbent as the first. Exceeds all other systems. Jansohn's ideal - Löscher "Insatiable is therefore the most perfect eraser of the present. We only deliver first-class Blotting paper, the best that can ever be made. The suction power is unsurpassed. Try it now; you will remain our loyal customer. Some acknowledgments overleaf Our original postal parcels with 120 erasers and 4 "Glutton" erasers cost RM. 14.40; that is 12 Pfg, for the extinguishing block, the extinguishers are included in the price. Unmatched practical, economical and cheap, our extinguisher is widely used all over Germany. JANSOHN & CO. , HEIDELBERG Telephone 4700 Enclosed an order postcard. Please turn over.


Acknowledgments that twee us unsolicited by our customers: De Orwende As www es AN licher dellen F. If necessary - Cabo Botech Verkel dentelle belle L. .. Niche I have the Pada sulle Pawe their Le will Friburg - L.F. Selec Law The same was with the same With the Gelirten De La laala lal strai Bire sur gridien des used my Hege Vader and beacher you turned an offer of your I SuurS. LES reciprocate with other needs, satisfied with the Obr Rih, the best is what I briches de lhe Fabrika, I allow you to write the interest of the audience, if it learns about things by name, he will en and the hermerar the Bewend reos you are looking for more with the Lübeck, 5.6. De lur. Onar He Muller Dachable Rewalt Notary Our very hungry extinguisher is set. Every Licher every Linch black frigt the name of our company and is not denying trade occurring extinguishers. We ask that the company watch out for its goods. The sole manufacturer of Jansohn's Ideal - extinguishers "Nimmersatt" and Jansohn's Ideal - extinguishing blocks Jansohn & Co., Heidelberg, formerly in Kaiserslautern


Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent via Royal Mail, via 1st class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.