WW1 German Advertisement For A 1906 l marie niedner tull-durchzug

WW1 German Advertisement For A 1906 l marie niedner tull-durchzug

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For sale is a Rare Pre WW1 German Advertisement For A 1906 dated marie niedner tull-durchzug.The three still attached advertisement sheets translate from german to English as:


Marie Niedner Tüll-Durchzug Price Mk. 1.25 60 pages of text with 133 illustrations = Till Durchzug and 2 enclosures, containing numerous = extensive templates. Marie Niedner and 10 pfennigs for postage. y Ple Cpa Cine We have an extremely quick and easy to learn handicraft technique in the tulle passage, with which one can produce the simplest and richest lace patterns and all kinds of beautiful work. In doing so, you don't need a lot or valuable work material; it consists only of the cover fabric, the working thread and a needle with a blunt point, which is a very modest acquisition. - The main endeavor in the publication of this booklet was, in addition to the abundance of samples of the most varied kinds, quite a number of pretty and pleasant ones To offer applications for the Cüll pass-through, and thereby to win new friends for the relatively easy and cheap work. The particular advantage of this little work is that it not only provides templates and samples, but also demonstrates their application on a wide variety of objects, even the most modern ones. Shredded sample - factory illustration. The work “Tüll-Durchzug” shown here can be obtained from any bookstore or by sending the amount plus 10 Pfg. For postage directly from the Leipzig publisher, “Deutsche Moden-Zeitung” Aug. Polich, samobgase 9. KARL MARQUART, LEIPZIG.


after receipt of the booklet immediately sent us an erite tapillery company in Sw. on May 15, 1906: “I am happy to welcome the young mother's book“ Cüll-Durchzug ”published by your publisher, which offers a rich selection of charming and dignified templates for all clothing and business items and in every Tapiferia business At the same time, I ask for a book to be sent to you, “Cross-stitching work” ... In every business library, this rich set of templates on this all-popular handicraft should be missing!


Miss A. H, handicraft teacher in L., ſ writes about the work “tülldur dh zug”: I, “The patterns are new, beautiful and carefully organized. 11 The book recommends everyone who has the air to do a nice job ".


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