WW1 German Imperial Officer Silver Trench Watch  & Patriotic Pendant

WW1 German Imperial Officer Silver Trench Watch & Patriotic Pendant

Code: 11566


For sale is a WW1 Imperial German Army Grouping to an Officer including a Working Silver hallmarked Trench Wrist Watch, Silver hallmarked Pendant featuring patriotic colours and a iron cross with photos of loved ones inside, alongside some paperwork. This group consists of:


1. WW1 German Officers Silver hallmarked Trench Wrist Watch with original leather strap. The silver wrist watch casing follows the same colours as the pendant! The hallmarks are as follows “”0,800, CH, Swan inside a overall, Crescent and a crown, B anchor B” also scratched on by the watchmaker is 59,559. The Half Moon and Imperial Crown is Halbmond und Reichskrone, with a Silver grade of 800/1000, in good working order and keeps great time, only issue with it is that a small chip is missing from the enamel face so please see photos.

2. WW1 German silver hallmarked patriotic iron cross front pendant, which opens up to reveal two photos of two males (a child & a young man), again stamped 800, and a replacement chain which is silver 925 hallmarked with a rose gold overplate.

3. Ww1 era map Provinz Schlesien Ostlicher Theil by geogr lith institut v c korbgeweit in Berlin. 

4. Ww1 portrait photograph of imperial German soldier

5. Weimar era letter, 1926 Kreisler Burgdorf, from the mayor, a letter to Victor von Tichirnhaus, a two double paged letter dated 1921 to wilhelm with envelope.


This is a fantastic set, especially to have a working ww1 German officers silver hallmarked trench watches and a patriotic German pendant featuring an iron cross!! The watch and pendant have been cleaned! These are guaranteed original or money back guaranteed. These will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.