WW2 German 1929 To 1930 Luftwaffe Literature Advertising Leaflet

WW2 German 1929 To 1930 Luftwaffe Literature Advertising Leaflet

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For sale is a WW2 German 1929 To 1930 Luftwaffe Literature Advertising Leaflet. Advertising books of the Luftwaffe to the German public, which entail would get members of the German public to sign up. The leaflet translated to English is the following: 




DR. - ING. W. von LANGSDORFF LZ 127 - Graf Zeppelin With a foreword by Dr. - Ing. e. H . H. Eckener et al. an introduction by Countess Brandenstein - Zeppelin With many pictures. Cardboard. RM 2. From the designer's drafting table on, this little booklet follows all phases of the construction of this mighty air cruiser. The author has understood how to present the brittle material vividly and also to the layman understandably, without neglecting the scientific thoroughness. Of particular interest are the chapters dealing with the problem of weight balance, the ratio of fuel, propellant and lifting gas, as well as those dealing with the operation and control of the ship, with take-off and landing at the anchor mast or on solid ground. All in all, the interested layman in particular is given a concise and yet completely exhaustive concept of the essence, development and being of the airship of the German people. BRONNER'S PRINTING, FRANKFURT A.M.


DR. - ING. W. von LANGSDORFF The light aircraft for sport and travel 2nd edition. 228 pages 195 ills. . Cart. RM 3.-, born RM 4 The author who was successful as a pioneer for the light aircraft, Dr. - Ing. v. Langsdorff, undertakes in this work to name the experts and laypeople interested in aviation the machines that are primarily considered and have proven themselves so far. Gliders with auxiliary training discussed with detailed text. Particular attention was paid to economic efficiency. The 19 HP flight over the Alps 130 pages · 122 images. · Kart. RM 4.50. Geb. RM 5.40 For all its scientific thoroughness, the main value of this book lies in the exciting description of the struggle with wind, weather and altitude, in which the human mind is always the victor. You think you are sitting in the little airplane with the author and see the snow-covered mountains and valleys around you and below you. The many illustrations made from the author's own photographs make the descriptions even more vivid.


Taschenbuch der Luft This work, which has been published since 1914, also gives air fleets from all countries. The types of all countries that have been in operation in the past, always exhaustive overview of the civil and military in its latest edition, but with all the necessary details such as empty and full year in operation, are nut weight, building material, engine power, etc., textually and through illustrations explained. Interesting compilations of the distribution of the individual types to the various countries and tabular overviews of the individual air fleets allow extremely instructive descriptions of all aircraft. In three languages, German, same. From gliders to ocean airships have appeared in English and French, making the success of DR. - ING W. von LANGSDORFF flotten 1928/29 648 pages - 912 illustrations, full linen RM 12. Edition 1927 still in stock at a price of RM 6._


DR. - ING. W. von LANGSDORFF Progress in Aviation Yearbook 1929/30 596 pages · approx. 760 illustrations full line RM 24. - The content of this book is to show the ways in which ingenious inventiveness and engineering spirit have led the aircraft to ever greater perfection . In this third year, too, the most outstanding specialists are involved with detailed articles of interest to engineers and laypeople alike. Only the valuable contributions by Dr. - Ing. W. von Langsdorff "Advances in aviation, a collection of the latest design details", Dr. - Ing. Heinkel "Swimmers capable of high seas", Dipl. - Ing. Rühl "Metal scaffolding", Dipl. - Ing. Weyl “engine construction”. Written by people from practice for practice, the work in the library should not be used by a designer, flyer, etc. aeronautical interested laypeople are absent. Issue 1927/28 RM 18 .-- * Issue 1926 RM 12.


+ I order from the bookstore from Verlag H. Bechhold, Frankfurt a. M. von Langsdorff • Taschenbuch der Luftflotten edition 1928/29 + price RM 12. - von Langsdorff • Taschenbuch der Luftflotten edition 1927 + price RM 6. von Langsdorff • Progress in aviation yearbook 1929/30 Price RM 24. von Langsdorff. Progress in Aviation Yearbook 1927/28 + Price RM 18. von Langsdorff • Progress in Aviation Yearbook 1926 + Price RM 12. - von Langsdorff. The 19 HP flight over the Alps Carton RM 4.50 + gebd. RM 5.40 from Langsdorff. The light aircraft for sport u. Trip kart. RM 3.- + bound. RM 4. von Langsdorff • LZ 127. Graf Zeppelin cartons RM 2. Amount follows at the same time - after receipt - must be collected by cash on delivery. Date and exact address signature”


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