WW2 German 1942-43 Landstheatre Gleiwitz The Mine Foreman leaflet

WW2 German 1942-43 Landstheatre Gleiwitz The Mine Foreman leaflet

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For sale is a rare WW2 German 1942-43 Landstheatre Gleiwitz The Mine Foreman (operetta) Leaflet. The front translates to: 


The middle pages translates to;




The Obersteiger Operetta in 3 acts by Carl Zeller Director: Gerd leker Masikal. Direction: Paal Voigt Rehearsal of the dance: Hans Preus Bahaeabild: Herta Barth Rehearsal of the choirs Wilhelm Sutter First Roderid, Majorate. Edmund Cordt Comtesse Fichtenau Loulou Michels Mountain Director Zwack Albert Klempis Elfriede, my wife. Trude Pitsch Tschida, saltworks adjunct Fritz Hartwig Desel, materials administrator Wilhelm Rohde Martin, head climber Rudolf Sandner Nelly Lace knocker Lisa Otto Strobl, landlord Georg Fielauf Babette, whose chambermaid Martha Sperl - Pattini Kilian Arthur Glos Einöder Bergknappen .. 1 Gerhard Dome Nepomuk Andreas Waway Bergknappen, citizen, Festgate, Bergeleven Lace makers The action takes place in Germany in the first half of the last century in the 2nd act: court ballinze by Lanner. Danced by Erika Thomaschofsk, Elly Schule, Erika Honisch, Georg Amerling and the dance group. 1. Act: Place in front of the mine. 2nd and act: Place in front of the festival hall Stage manager: Christel Springob Techn. Direction: Hermana Fischer lighting: Max Themnitzek Costumes: Georg Wagner u. Martl Pixa make-up artist: Rolf Schneider break after the act, edition 400 - price 10 pg. Sarck forbidden


The final back page translates to: Wagner BOOKS always delight BUCHHANDLUNG SCHROEDER Inh.: Hans Schroeder GLEIWITZ, Wilhelmstrahe 6 - Telephone No. 4600 Tunterli te din latintel: Rote Ratsit.Lig 1. Telug: Ras - la - Verlag Liple Int: hersiste en Gel Be Poststrate


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