WW2 German Issued Filled Out Family register (Familienstammbuch)

WW2 German Issued Filled Out Family register (Familienstammbuch)

Code: 11602


For sale is a WW2 Germam Issued Family register (Familienstammbuch). The inside preface reads (translated to English): 


Preface. The family register is intended for every household that is justified by the marriage. It is issued ex officio by the registrar and given to the spouse after each marriage. In the case of births and deaths, the reporter must present the book to the registrar who has to certify the birth or death. (See the framed village prints in the family register.) The entries made by the registrar in charge have the documentary evidential value stipulated in the ordinance under Reich law. The book should be a house and family register yes and no, it should provide information about the current status of the family and serve to avoid incomplete and incorrect names. It is in the Befizer's own interest to keep the book carefully and to ensure that all notes are entered in good time. Failure or deripayment of a registry official report will be punished by a court with a fine or corresponding imprisonment. When displaying. 


The family register has five family members in. These family registers and family trees were to be completed and recorded under German law to prove and show German ethnicity and to help find the undesired races within the population. This is guaranteed original or money back guaranteed. These will be sent via 1st class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.