WW2 German Leaflet Campaigning Against Occupation Of The Ruhr 1923-25

WW2 German Leaflet Campaigning Against Occupation Of The Ruhr 1923-25

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For sale is a rare WW2 German Leaflet Campaiging Against The Occupation Of The Ruhr 1923-25, and unfair treatment under the treaty of Versailles, that Germany’s economic heart beats on the Ruhr. Great piece of history, in great condition and guaranteed original. Below is the leaflet translated to English: 


Front page: 


“Germany's economic heart beats on the Ruhr” This catchphrase shows the significance of this first history of the Ruhr area from twelve difficult years in the context of the overall event TWELVE YEARS RUHRBERGBAU 1914 TO 9 2 5 BY HANS SPETHMANN The reader will find a piece in this work Research work from the reality of life. No theory is offered, but practice, no ideology, but the rough From its history from the beginning of the war to the French march, the internal political strikes and uprisings, based on the external events, are carried out literally. foreign policy through the rubre quite reality. For the first time, an abundance of information about the difficult and bitter years as well as the major economic contexts is made on the basis of files. which is offered by numerous comprehensive acres of material. It is particularly striking how often Germany has floated on the edge of the abyss and what strengths have been at work to promote this overthrow of our people. Many of them, whose boards are printed and accompanied, is written in a generally understandable manner and reads captivating and exciting, sometimes the Dorgånge seem like in a novel. Dedicated to "the coming generations", it is a shocking Budh of truth and clarification about Germany's most difficult times, especially for the present. Not just a home Budh, but for every German. 


Middle pages:

FROM THE FOREWORD Appeal! There are a large number of brilliant, appreciative judgments from the press of all party directions. You will find a selection overleaf. since then to the For whom does the work matter? winged one counts: Deursbland's economic heart shlagr on the Ruhr. "Indeed, the work that is done here, a creation above and below the ground, has a deep impact on the lives of all Gae. However, precisely because here in many things it is The Ruhr area is more often than the other German areas a target for attacks of various kinds in times of far-reaching political and social changes, such as those brought about by the present. They apply in particular to its foundation, the Ruhr mining Those who are distant are seldom more precisely informed about this, as the general public has hardly known anything about many of these processes Sage is already beginning to weave around the cine or the other, which is why the thought matured, the reality also in the word to hold on. But there was another point of view that required an appreciation of the facts. We are in years in which a great stream of economic life is severely disturbed in its course by obstacles of various kinds and a new bed has to be drawn up again and again. We do not yet see clearly where the development of Germany and especially that of its economy is going. As 1. For the employer as well as for the employer, for associations. Trade unions, labor lawyers of all kinds, because it deals with the biggest economic struggles that took place on German soil in the post-war period. 2. For the prakrising confused person, because it is about the heart of the German economy. The bourgeoisie is hereby requested to do a third tomorrow, March 31, 1920, until 12 noon. For the intellectual economist, the economist, sociologist, political scientist, geopolitician, economic geographer, because it offers a piece of the reality of life 4. For the Poliriker and Staasmann, because the proceedings are under the spell of a political background 5. For the Milirar, because generules in the struggles. Specialized officers. Freikorps, Reichswehr and foreign occupation troops play an important role. 6. For the city administration officer. Circles and communities, because what is going on has a deep impact on their field of activity and experiences for other areas and future times have been gathered in them. 7. For the historian, because it represents a significant piece of internal German history and, in the battle against the Ruhr, an excerpt from great world history. 8. For the local, because it tells of the development of his home life. 9. For every Drutsdhen who strives for general education if he wants to understand the signs of the times. Loan of 1000 Mt. to be signed against entry in the donor list, room 8, Neues Amtshaus. If the call is not followed up, there is a fine guarantee of looting etc. be taken over. whatever the way, it must not remain rustic that the Ruhr mining industry has messed up. to build it on firm and not on unsteady ground. Since 1914 he has endured and endured so much heavy and bitter things, from enemy fist, but also from German hands, that it deserves to be marked for future bulls from this perspective too, so that they can experience how he is in one always kept his head up during the most difficult times our people have ever lived through. For treatment, the main difficulty was initially to gather the material. There was no place in the station where the necessary documents for a similar work had been collected centrally over the years, let alone viewed and processed. So there was initially nothing left but to look through the relevant bundles of files on the individual companies. The Action Committee: Finkhäuser. ORDER LIST Untreichneter hereby orders from the publishing house of Iteimar Hobbing in Berlin SW 01 Sample of this Terabdung Alruf des Aktlonrhmes from Hot vem Nare o Photogr. Reproduction by the Budhhandlung division of the four-volume work: Spethmann, Twelve Years of Ruhr Mining 1914 - 1925 VOLUME I fights the great strikes in the form of VOLUME2 orstmaliy with the addition of many, Vier Hande in Ganaleinen each S Mk., In Hallileder 12 Mk each. IAted and there found the stn ylhe HAND3 Zuber uabehannter Freete IN Z wmenhang the Levtinien of the Framsdsishen Ruhre koblempolitik from the end of the war build u Atne der Baber unhandy details iw zu. Batten specification in Ganrpergament per 50 Mk. But with this it has been achieved that the basis of the work begins at the end of the Krioge, as the socialization is the original material, it does not go back to sources of the second and April third degree. It is precisely on this that its main asset and lasting value are based. Rungskimpfen until the time Generalwi in the volumes nd1 snd solart, the volumes3 nd after chest in a lieter. Beirag flt na le Beirag follows na.h Lngfang- wind in Resetiang on July 31, 1925 open, enatl. Tebeielgen per RM beaahlt, adanben occupation in 1923. Aiel BANDAer as the granular rubrkompfpunkt stekt the woden-long Aafrabr, the sid arndiungen, derbaftungen and Ausuvisungen, Kon-Aiskanionen, JStreks, separate Versude. fran rdsissfe Finablatteronaaanda, setting of the Be stelir followed by the time until fran 24: Signature: Ar Anshlul to the Kae Pat abipvelt, with the Versad, the dictatorship of the proletariat IN vrwirklide. REIMAR HOBBING PUBLISHER IN BERLIN SW61 plkeranaskkreis zuw Abuvfrkawof usN. Address:


Back cover:


JUDGMENTS OF THE PRESS :. War documents of the economy. This work can rightly be called a war document of the economy, because it is the story of a hard struggle for existence, with the worst blows against the Ruhr mining industry by Feindesfaust, but also by German hands. Lively representation. It is not a theoretical work that we have before us. Rather, the author carried out a review of the immense archive material, which, through its vivid presentation and reproduction of numerous documents, recalls the hardest times in the German economy, especially in the Ruhr area. (Siddeutsde Sowntagspost, Mitnben) A historical Veroles work, which is suitable for CMündener Neweste Nadridfren). one seems to attract a great deal of attention in public. In any case, in the face of obvious efforts to neglect some things in the historical research of the war and post-war events, Dr. Spethmann made a historic merit. A picture of dramatic tension. The author of the work has compiled the entire relevant material of the Ruhr mining from numerous individual places and then put it down in a closed picture of often dramatic tension. (Kompak. Berlin) (Rheinisdhe Westfäliste Zeitung) Completely unknown facts. Numerous, so far completely unknown facts are communicated from files that go back to the most diverse sources, including on The success is already there! The material has been compiled from a thousand places with endless effort. Years of exhausting work lie behind the author. Today we can sincerely wish Spethmann luck on his success. -. You don't have to first wish the work success: the success is already there. Versatile slopes are cleared up in a completely different sense than was previously shown. (Königsberger General Zeirung) Remarkable objectivity. (Berabawlide Rundschau, Essen) an extremely exciting depiction of the fateful struggles in the Ruhr that have been forgotten almost six times today. The author deserves special thanks for the scientific thoroughness and remarkable objectivity with which he has fulfilled his task. Commendable accuracy. The reading of the material about the history of the Ruhr area, which has been worked on with great diligence and with appreciable accuracy, is of great interest. (Neve Freie Presse, Vienna) A wealth of new facts. All these events are published for the first time in the book, and in a pleasantly readable form, a wealth of new facts, of which one can only regret that they have not already become known. At the same time, the volume is enlivened by the photographic reproduction of numerous leaflets and appeals from that time, which can hardly be obtained today. Will to objectivity. The work exudes objectivity and brings a multitude of important documents from the difficult years of German destiny in a faithful reproduction. This documentary retention alone makes the work valuable. It will be invaluable for future generations. Treasure trove of new facts. The work is therefore one of the most important source works for the man of business, politics and science for the period since 1914, but also a treasure trove of numerous new facts for every friend of German history and general education. (Wir tschaftsdienst. Hamburg) Source work for historiography, the author describes the confused conditions of that time in a very clear way. The author has brought in an abundance of documents, appeals, orders, notices. ID cards for confiscation etc., some of which are reproduced in photographs. undoubtedly a great value which makes Spethmann's work particularly suitable as a source work for later historiography. Therein lies (Deutsake Kolewzeitung. Berlin) is characterized by the will to (Hannoversder Kurier) an almost inexhaustible treasure trove. First and foremost, Spethmann's merit is to have collected a considerable amount of material from those troubled days that would probably have been completely lost for posterity without his work. For the historian as well as the politician concerned with the time of the day, Spethmann's work is an almost inexhaustible treasure trove. But in addition, it will surely make friends with a large audience because of its easily comprehensible and interestingly compiled presentation. (Sozialistisbe monthly newspaper. Berlin) (Der Deutsche Ochonomist, Berlin) (Rheinisdh-Westfalische Zeitung) It was missing so far. So far, there has been no comprehensive presentation of the war and post-war period that were particularly difficult for the Ruhr mining industry. This gap is now being filled. (Berliner Local Anzeiger) Most interesting post-war work. Everything that happened ten years ago in the heart of German industry there in the West, we find dispassionately and clearly with the objectivity that the true historian does not abandon, even in the description of events with which we are still directly connected may be recorded. Numerous documents such as notices help to liven up the presentation. "Twelve Years of Ruhr Mining" is one of the most interesting works that have appeared on the turmoil of the post-war period. Characteristics of many personalities, Last but not least, the book is also interesting because it provides contributions to the characteristics of many personalities who lived in the time of the uprising (Mindhener Neuesten Nabridren) Against the creation of legends. It really is a piece of history that passes by in this book before our eyes. But this book had to be written - if only to create a one-sided legend to break off the tip, (Deutsdhe Berguvrks-Zeitung) The original material of the time. The work is purely objectively based on the original material of the time, on pieces of files and documents of the events. (Hamburg Correspondent) (Ondeutshe Morgenpost, Beuthe)


By von hans spethmann who was a German geologist


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