WW2 German Lehrbrief / Prüfungszeugnis Apprenticeship Certificate

WW2 German Lehrbrief / Prüfungszeugnis Apprenticeship Certificate

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For sale is an original WW2 German Lehrbrief / Prüfungszeugnis Apprenticeship Letter Certificate. Apprenticeship in dressmaking. The first page once translated to English states: 


The apprentice born on 13tg February 1929, Margot Stohr apprenticeship letter (L. Walferode dressmaker -handweth from 1. Ansil 1944 to 34. Manny 1944 from Martha Stohr in learned that. During this time he has the necessary knowledge and skills in the craft He acquired. Wanting the 26th aptight Marther Stöhr Teacher Psusule oa Certified: Boltenhaga. Obnom pre (certificate from the guild)


Geſellenprüfungs - Certificate On the basis of this certificate, the holder acquires the right to be admitted to the master examination at the end of the age of 24. The person born in 1929 in is hereby certified that he has undergone and passed the trade test before the signed examination certificate of the Geſellen. Movgod tip Wolfrade venimpafimilare lillebenin 27.9 1942 daman fisleben Scheinile Der Geſellenprüfungs - Auschuh the in Damenal chairman examømei addter addnigs ใน hite Ricke examination journals. 


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