WW2 German Medal & Document Lot To Senior Court Official Gestapo

WW2 German Medal & Document Lot To Senior Court Official Gestapo

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For sale is a great Ww2 grouping to a German senior court official (Justizoberinspektor) Karl Rehorn from Bonbaden born 1890. He was head of the department at the Hamburg District Court for a minimum of ten years, this came to an end by the end of the war, where he was arrested and put into forced labour by the gestapowhich can be seen in the letters below. One of the letter is also a certificate for the medal. 


The following sets of documents have been translated to English so that you can see what sort of a document lot this is:


One set of documents in English and German to the commander of Behlendorf LBG 20th June 1945 at the bottom of the letter “ said people were displaced on the count of force labour I want to go home as soon as possible they had to stay here until the Elbe bridges are intact again therefore please give permit to remain here and allowance to pass the Elbe bridges after reconstruction. The 7 names on the are given a pass to travel between cities. These people arrived on the 7th of June in krumesse (lbg) on the 8th in betkenthin. 


The next letter reads “The President of the Wuppertal Regional Court Wuppertal - Elberfeld, August 22, 1945. Telephony collective number 21211 Business number: You are asked to state the business number above for all entries. The Chief Justice Inspector Karl Rehorn from the Wuppertal District Court reported back from his service with the Speer Transport Column. The local military government has not yet made a decision about his re-employment, as Chief Inspector Rehorn was only able to hand over his questionnaire today. Since his employment relationship is currently rests, there are no concerns that Mr. Rehorn will join his family in Bonbaden via Wetzlar / Lahn house no. 77 leaves to await the decision on his employment relationship there. He has been instructed about the need for a pass and other documents. m.d.F.d.G.b. de eReel 270 on back of page Mr. Jue tizoberinepektore Rehorn's employment relationship is still suspended. The military government has not yet made a decision about his continued employment. He goes back to his place of residence in Bonbaden. Wuppertal, November 15, 1945. The manager of the official court. paten tem man chief inspector. “


MILITARY GOVERNMENT OF GERMANY TEMPORARY REGISTRATION Temporary registration card Name Rehorn, Karl Age 8.6.90 Gender Name Age Sex Permanent address Occupation Justitz - Oberinspekter Permanent Address Occupation Current address Bonbaden, 77 Present Address The holder of this card is duly registered and is a resident of Bonbaden Strictly forbidden him or her to leave this place. Violation of this measure leads to immediate arrest. The holder of this certificate must always have this ID with him. The holder of this card is duly registered as a resident of Bonbaden and is prohibited from leaving the place designated. Violation of this restriction will lead to immediate arrest. Registrant will at all times have this paper on his person. 667 Legitimation Number Name and Rank Identity Card Number Mil Gov Officer, U.S. Arn FORCE Signature of holder Date of issue Signature of Holder Date of Issue NT Rigne index finger (This is not an ID card and does not allow privileges). (This is not an identity document and allows no privileges). DIY BADS ww. l. falsu na police, US Arene uu. SCHNITZLER, WETZLAR 23 July 1946


Berlin - Schmargendorf, June 22nd, 1950 Sylterstr. 18 pt.lks. My dear Karl! Please excuse the use of the machine, but it's better and it's as personal as it is by hand. I've wanted to write to you and your wife for a long time. Always sing a different work. It had to be like that, otherwise I would not have had any income. And that is what counts in the first place. Obviously you have always been "better off" by then. If you have in the meantime been able to enjoy the full pension, then this will already be the case. With Karl's initiative, I reckon it will Teul, especially here in Berlin. The Entn. proceedings from Driben are not yet recognized here. The city council has an application, but the parliamentarians still have a long way to go before they can be applied in practice. Probably this will come when the elections in October start. The ruling SPD parliament will probably be replaced. My departure from there probably did not surprise you. I assume that Karlzenau knew that it was no different It is well known that you shouldn't tell everything, not even your wife. The past had been too "agile." And so I was glad that Margarete Was more sensible. Yes, I was delighted to see how we had our supply contract signed with her. Not to be able to go to another woman now, at And now I went to nier. Margarete wrote that I did something to her with it that I could no longer do well. This hit me very much. I said to her a rub that I would have to go to B when I no longer have any work in Frankfurt. I absolutely do not miss her excitement. The main thing is that she gets her money. And I'll take care of that. So the money for July is already ready and I want to send it in the first few days. After all, it is the case that we are no longer children. At this age one can no longer speak of the panacea of love, only Celd makes you happy. Is it not so? If I had fallen in love with Margarete, she would certainly not have had 120 DMF available. If I had been unemployed, half would probably have been questionable. And besides, can anyone believe that I took my step without thinking about it. I am aware of my duty to Macsarete every day. Excuse me, dear Karl, if I tell you all about this. but assume that I can still be as familiar with you as we were over there in our affairs. From my side, nothing has changed in that. From this angle I also want to ask you to tell me or to write as you thought dariilor. I am also interested in knowing how things are going with your cousin Tda. And further, what about Margarete z. t. Come on . I held a card from her, written by a Mrs. Blaschke with the addition: "Freundl. Greetings Margarete - Hospital Wetzlar, June 19, 50". I don't know now, is it in the hospital and why is it there. Or did she visit another woman in the hospital? Please be so kind and let me know this time immediately. Liesel wants to come here again. I offer to pick her up from the train when she informs me of her arrival. Since I have been working as a freelance representative so far, I can organize my time. And what do you tell yourself in there? Do you tell yourself anything about it? In any case, it would have been better if Marg. and Aunt Ida would have stayed calm, because M.'s supply is always at stake. As long as she's still with Aunt Ida, I don't know. You see, dear Karl, I am still interested in all of this. I confess to you that not knowing makes me nervous. Please be so kind, throw your usual writing laziness (see your Norte on correspondence with Ewald) in a corner and report to me once as requested. Write as you think, without any bureaucracy, just like I did. Please send your answer back by airmail. I'll enclose a strip with the required stamp. You shouldn't have to worry about it. With this in mind, I want to close fir today. You and your dear wife remain. Best regards from me and all the best Your belli So that the post receives no news, I have taken a bogus letter - sender. See my correct address above, pray de Od tad, dino


Another letter Wuppertal the 6th august 6th august 1943. NSDAP district leadership wuppertal local group. the party member katl behorn was awarded the war merit cross ii class with no sword by the driver on july 1, 1943. (this certificate falls in love with the receipt of the certificate).


mr jutizinspektor karl behorn from duisburg-hanborn now at amdeger in wuppertal is best known to me from my work at the hamborn district court during the years 1926 to 1936. Mr. Rehorn, as the head of the department at the Hamburg District Court at that time, had the gestapo with arrest, etc., at the Gestapo with arrest, etc. and protected. Because of this celeganeity, Horr Rehorn explained nir whatlicht I rather look at my uniform before I mine and admit that they are made breadless and locked up. in addition, rehorn offered me at the time, with due regard for the future of hausuechurg, to bring me helasterde huchee and letter on to him, in order to then deliver them to the collection point without my demonshortation. mr rehorn was my political position very well known. When, in 1936, I approached the Gestapo with arrest and was threatened by the then Chief Justice Inspector Kurt Wolf Grain from Reborn. At here reborn not again protected from dismissal and deadlock. He's always got a leather suit for me because I didn't deny my nasty attitude and didn't feel like a shirt. duisburg august 17, 1945 drawn otto falkenstei . 


II R 40 Copy of certificate. - Only for interweaving is the area of justice administration bestinut-. On the basis of the relocated ancestral passport, the pedigree, the civil status documents and parish certificates, this confirms that the judicial inspector Karl Rehorn, who gave evidence of German blood descent for himself and his on 9/22/1894 in general on 8/8/1890 in Nauborn Krs.Wetzlar Kaiserswerth-born wife Wilhelmine, born Egerlandt up to and including de Großeltera. Düsseldorf, March 29, 1940 The President of the Higher Regional Court signed Sister Baglaubigt: signed signature Chief Justice Secretary. (L.S.) Notarized: Braps Judizebersekret r.


Invitation to the family day on Nov. 27, 55 in Wetzlar. We cordially invite you and your relatives to our second family day. - The conference will take place, like last year, in the Hotel "Deutsches Haus" '- Silhöferstrasse 24 - Tel: 3074 in the upper small hall - Family members who arrive earlier can stay in the meeting room, which is decorated for Christmas. - There is a communal lunch at a price of around 2 DM. - The photos of the previous year will be displayed, as well as one for each participant Copy of the new family coat of arms.- If addresses are unknown to us, we ask you all to invite and bring those who belong to the Rehorn tribe - With warm family greetings, Dr. Ewald Rehorn, Kassel-Ewald Rehorn, Wetzlar.


(16) Bonbaden via We tzlar-Lahn, January 23, 1946. Karl Rehorn. Chief Justice Inspector. House number 77. re. II R 4 from January 17th, 46. To the managing director of the district court in Wuppe rtal. === ========= == The answer to the questionnaire I received today will be sent back. Attached is a copy of the Falkenstein declaration, which I would like to certify on the basis of the copy located there. On 13.1., At the request of the administrative office of the Regional Court, I sent 2 completed questionnaires with copies of the declaration to Falkenstein. At the same time, I asked - if this was deemed appropriate - statements from the Justice Secretary Bernhard Koppler and Judizangest, who were employed at the local court. Heinrich Jürges to obtain a factual but never malicious or underhanded attitude towards non-party members via moine. Both of them worked with me for a long time in a department. I am also prepared to name other people who are remote from theNSDAPand who can testify about my attitude if necessary. Chief Justice Inspector.


Agenda of the 2nd Fanilientagen- Rehorn- on 11/27/55. in Wetzlar. (Preliminary draft) 1. Opening of the conference by Vetter Swald Rehorn, Vetzlar. - 2. Greetings from the Prüsee: Vetter Dr, Rohorn, Kassel. - Maintaining the attendance list and collecting all unknown addresses Votter Heinrich Rehorn, Wotzlar.- 3rd commemoration of the dead of the past years: previously known: Mrs. Gertrude Uhl, gob. Rohorn, Bombaden.- 4th note of the Goburttage of all members; for the purpose of sending out congratulatory letters.- 5. 6. Determination of a membership fee (suggestion: DM. 2nd year.) 7. When and where should the 3rd family conference take place? 8. Reports and lectures by our family researchers: (files) Vetter Rehorn, Wetter / Ruhr.- Vetter Rohorn, Burgeolme.- 9. Notice of the large family tree (copy) 10. Interpretation of some ES photos from the 1st family day.- 11. Draft of the new family coat of arms.- (Each participant receives a copy.) 12. Contributors of the individual members to family research.- 13. General discussion.- 14. Miscellaneous.- Re. 8 November 55


And a civilianwarmerit with ribbon 


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