WW2 German Propaganda Asking Soviets To Surrender Leaflet

WW2 German Propaganda Asking Soviets To Surrender Leaflet

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For sale is a WW2 German propaganda Leaflet Pass To The Russian Red Army & Commanders asking them To Surrender. Thousands of these leaflet passes were dropped behind the Russian lines by the Germans encouraging Russian soldiers to surrender in promise of hot food, warm better and a better life. The text of this pass translates to: “PASS Passierschein This leaflet is really like a pass for the passage of the Red Army and commanders, regardless of their number and with this pass to the side of the Lemtsi, the formation of the detachments follows immediately. They are entitled to what is specified in the order a. 13. General Command of the German Armed Forces, food, remittance and care of the time of re-transfer. Before us and fighting 4”. There are hand written notes at the top of the leaflets and a date of 13.12.1943 in which this particular leaflet was issued at the second battle of Kiev. I have been unable to translate the Russian handwriting on the reverse. 


The Second Battle of Kiev was a part of a much wider Soviet offensive in Ukraine known as the Battle of the Dnieper involving three strategic operations by the Soviet Red Army and one operational counterattack by the Wehrmacht, which took place between 3 November and 22 December 1943.


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