WW2 German Textile Goods Special Provisions Rations-Wirtschaftsamt

WW2 German Textile Goods Special Provisions Rations-Wirtschaftsamt

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For sale is a Rare Large textile manufacturers Ration Pass To obtain large amounts of textiles issued by the German District and economic office on the date of 03.03.1945 to the well known Wehrmacht clothing and equipment manufactures Wirtschaftsamt. Towards the end of World War Two supplies for the German military were running extremely low. “special provisions” ration passes given to manufactures that were deemed important to the war effort. This document is one of these special provisions issued to Wirtschaftsamt.


About Wirtschaftsamt:


Wirtschaftsamt, Litzmannstadt we’re a manufacturering company for german uniform and equipment in which they were made in the Ghetto-of-Lodz, Poland which the Germans renamed into “Litzmannstadt”. They are made using parts of captured British equipment items. These British equipment items where left in 1940 when the British Expeditionary Force evacuated to the United Kingdom. The Germans sent these for recycling and a lot of work was put in disassembling every British equipment piece and recycling the individual parts into German army equipment. Y-straps, breadbags, A-frames and rucksacks are a few of the items made in Litzmannstadt.


This is a rare special provision ration pass for Wirtschaftsamt, which is an exceptionally rare late war document! This pass is in good condition. This will be sent via 1st class signed for and dispatched within 2 working days.