WW2 Royal Signals Medal Grouping: Captain WHC Brown

WW2 Royal Signals Medal Grouping: Captain WHC Brown

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For sale is a WW2 British Royal Signals Medal and paperwork grouping belonging to WHC Brown who served in Bielefeld Germany, Kharagpur India and Burma consisting of a number of items including:


1. A mint ww2 royal signals side cap and cap badge which is named G.Karanjee & sons Aligarh.u.p

2. 5 WW2 Medals & Ribbons: defence medal 1939-45 star, Burma star, war medal, France and Germany star 

3. Officers advance book 

4. Ww2 1943 dated folding wooden mirror, marked Kharagpur, India 1943

5. Brass 40 years Perpetual brass and enamel 1943-1982 calendar 

6. Christmas dinner warrant officers and sergeants mess royal signals 1943.

7. RC 5521105 economy fibre button polisher made from card rather than typical material of brass.

8. German to English handbook to captain whc brown telecoms group, royal signals 1952

9. Coupon for beer canteen service India

10. Baor publication Emanuel for drivers in Germany

11. 1 BR corps service in Germany 1967

12 Baor publications a manual for drivers in Germany supply depot RAOC British army of the Rhine 

13. NATO restricted Northern Army group and 2nd allied tactical air force join exercise Battle Royal setting an instructions NATO restricted 1954 British army of Rhein 

14. Restricted exercise secret exercise battle royal umpire instructions exercise secret restricted raoc British art of the Rhein 1961

15. Transfer to the german economy 1951 printer by printing and stationery service control commission for Germany accompanied by three letters

16. The campaign in Burma prepared for South East Asia command by the central office of information his messages stationary office London

17. Traffic guide nato

18. Principal chemical plant in western Germany map

19. Land Nord Rhein Westfalen telephone directory control commission for Germany 1951

20. Phrase book for the services in Germany issued under the authority of the director of army education the War office

21. PetersHagen second edition map 

22. Principal chemical plant in western Germany map

23. 1952 UF Netzplan 

24. Flags and crests of the land of the German Federal Republic and of Berlin 

25. Optical and precision instrument industry distribution in western Germany map 

26. Steel industry in western Germany map

27. Main communications of central Germany map 

28. West German highways map

29. Lubbock’s second edition map


This is a great grouping of ww2 and post war to captain brown who served in Burma & India then as a Civilian Military Governor in post war Germany. A great group to research! These are guaranteed original or money back guaranteed. These will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s.