WW2 Spanish Civil War Officers TPYCEA 8X30 Artillery Binoculars

WW2 Spanish Civil War Officers TPYCEA 8X30 Artillery Binoculars

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For sale is an Exceptionally Rare WW2 Spanish Civil War Artillery Precision Binoculars Marked TPYCEA which stood for (Precision Workshop and Electrotechnical Artillery Centre), the binoculars are also marked 8X30 which were only reserved for Spanish Officers. These binoculars come with there original leather and bronze buttoned strap. 


More history on the TPYCEA Binoculars: 


Binoculars TPYCEA


 TPYCEA was based in Spain and produced quality binoculars for the Army. TPYCEA was the Artillery Precision Workshop. It was created in 1898 and its headquarters was in Madrid, at 50 Raimundo Fernández Villaverde Street. It was later renamed "Precision Workshop and Electrotechnical Artillery Center" (TPYCEA). The person responsible for the reconstruction of that center in the immediate post-war period was General Pedro Méndez Parada. In addition to having been a great promoter of the manufacture of optical instruments in Spain, he worked as a teacher of optics courses where he had José María Otero de Navascués as a student. Méndez Parada, then with the rank of artillery captain, was assigned to the TPYCEA in 1929. In 1939, already with the employment of lieutenant colonel of artillery, he was appointed director of the TPYCEA, where he remained until 1954 (with the rank of colonel of the Corps of Weapons and Construction Engineers). During the Civil War, the tools and equipment of the Precision Workshop were transferred to Almacera, Valencia, where classic and trench binoculars continued to be manufactured for the Republican army. In the 1940s, the Precision Workshop, already in Madird, had the knowledge and means to design and manufacture quality binoculars, and in fact manufactured the following models for use in the Army:




· TPYCEA 7x50


These 3 combinations of data were the most frequently used in the Army. The 6x30, of only six magnifications, were destined for soldiers, the 8x30 were used by officers. Both were light for comfortable use in the field. The 7x50, heavier, have an advantage in twilight or with low illumination.


The optical quality of TPYCEA binoculars is similar to that of ENOSA, although the exterior finish is more modest, for example, the outer surface of the housing consists of rough paint, while ENOSA models have a leather coating. Some older TPYCEA models do not have anti-reflective treatment on their lenses, which produces slightly less contrasted images.


The TPYCEA 8X30. A robust military prismatic, with an individual focus, for general use, endowed with a greater increase than the previous one.


These are an exceptionally rare Spanish civil war binoculars in which very little come to market. Overall these are in good condition. The lenses are perfect no cracks, scratches or damage to them, they provide clear visibility! Unfortunately there is one small crack in the right Bakelite eye guard and wear/ chipping to paint on the pivet points of the binoculars however apart from this they are in excellent condition. The handles of these binoculars are black and textured which means they are an earlier issue! 


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