WW2 Wounded Soldier Orthopaedic Centre Ausweis: Replacement Limb

WW2 Wounded Soldier Orthopaedic Centre Ausweis: Replacement Limb

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For sale is an Original WW2 1943 Dated Orthopädisches Versorgungszentrum Breslau (Orthopaedic Centre Breslau) Ausweiss for Wehrmacht Soldiers for a Replacement Limb/ artificial limb after being wounded in action . This document states the following which has been translated to English:


Front of pass:


“Orthopedic supply center Breslau Büttnerstraße 1 (corner Reuschestraße - Défaka") Telephone 56651/52 File No. 3050 NWE Wehrmacht members submit applications through d. unit doctor. ID for mr Gray Büscher born 11.2.24 street Residence This card must be presented for all personal applications for orthopedic care; in the case of written applications, the above file number must be given. To store with care! Report loss immediately! Transfer not allowed. 12.43 10000B/0022 Note the back!”


Back of pass:


“Please note!


1. The body replacements, orthopedic and other aids supplied by the Reich (e.g. artificial limbs, self-propelled vehicles, push carts, indoor elevators, guide dogs for the blind and their equipment, etc.) remain Reich property.


2. The injured party is responsible for the proper and safe storage of the aids. Unusability or loss of the aids as a result of misuse, intent or gross negligence on the part of the damaged person void the right to repair or replacement for the usual period of use; payment can also be demanded for the damage caused.


3. Applications for orthopedic care (new delivery or repair) are only to be addressed to the orthopedic care center. Suppliers are not authorized to accept applications.


4. (1) Applications should be made in writing if possible. If you appear in person,


without an order from the orthopedic supply office, travel expenses and compensation will be reimbursed


Compensation for lost earnings will only be reimbursed if the person appears later


recognized as necessary. (2) Applications must clearly indicate which aid is to be repaired or replaced.


5. (1) The used aids for which a replacement or repair is requested must be brought with you when you appear in person, if possible, otherwise they must be sent to the orthopedic supply center upon request. In any case, when applying for the delivery of orthopedic shoes, the last two pairs of shoes must be sent in or you must bring them with you, and for the delivery of gloves, the used gloves must be sent in.


(2) Otherwise, the repair of damage to orthopedic aids must be applied for immediately. In the case of twice the number of aids, the injured person should not wait until the second piece is also unusable.”


This is an original 1930s to 1940s piece, and would be a brilliant piece for re enactments, display & period german collections. This letter is in good condition. This will be sent via 1st class signed for and dispatched within 2 working days.