WW2 British Home Front Paragon Pocket First Aid Outfit Tin Scouting

WW2 British Home Front Paragon Pocket First Aid Outfit Tin Scouting

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For sale is an original WW2 British HomeFront Paragon Pocket FirstAid Outfit Tin & Contents. The front of the tin states “paragon pocket first-aid outfit disabled companion for hikers scouts cyclist” and the inside instructions states:


“Suggested Directions . BLEEDING . - For slight.clean cuts and wounds , apply fodine , then Elastoplast Wound ( Strip ) Dressing or strip of Zinc Oxide Plaster . Clean wound with wet Boric Lint , if wound is dirty . Bring together the edge of a lacerated wound , keep in position by Zinc Oxide Plaster or Elastoplast . If blood spurts , press finger or pad lightly to wound while a tourniquet is being prepared for which use handkerchief or bandage - twist until bleeding stops . SPRAINS . - Bandage firmly and keep wet with cold water . BURNS AND SCALDS . - Apply Picric ( Yellow ) Lint and bandage : be careful to keep air from wound . Never prick a blister . INSECT BITES AND STINGS . - Apply Iodine .. CHAFING , SUNBURN AND CHILBLAINS . - Use Boric Ointment . BLISTERS AND CORNS . - Apply Elastoplast Dressings as directed . FAINTING AND EXHAUSTION . - Patient should be laid down , head a little lower than level of body , if possible . Loosen clothes at neck and chest - hold smelling salts to nose and , when able to swallow , give sips of water or Sal Volatile in water . Allow patient plenty of fresh air . N.B. - Send for Doctor unless injury is slight” 


This tin contains most of its original content.


The photographs make up part of the description, I will describe the item the best I can and to the best of my knowledge. As the buyer please view the photos carefully before purchasing.Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent via 1st class signed for if the value is under £60 and anything over will be sent via express 48 Parcelforce or Royal Mail special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s. Also happy to post world wide.