Boer War Period Queen Victoria Royal Artillery Regiment Playing Cards

Boer War Period Queen Victoria Royal Artillery Regiment Playing Cards

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For sale is a Boer War Period complete set of Royal Artillery Regiment Playing Cards. The front of the playing cards box states:


De La Rue & Co’s 

Patent “Pneumatic”

Playing cards 

Misleads prevented 

Series F thick 

Thos de la rue & co ltd

Licensees and manufacturers London


The back states:


Patented at home and abroad 

De la due & co’s


Playing cards 

Easy shuffling

Perfect dealing 

The Fronts of the "Pneumatic" Playing Cards are highly finished, whilst the Backs are minutely grooved or indented all over the surface, so as to provide an air-space between the cards, and a roughened surface which acts as a resistance for the thumb in dealing. This prevents misdeals, as the cards slide off one by one and can be dealt with the greatest ease and rapidity.

THOS. DE LA RUE & CO. Ltd. licensees and Manufacturers,



These cards are in good condition, the card box is in fair condition too. Every one of the cards is marked with the Royal artillery regiment RAR cypher along with a cannon and ubique. 


The ace of spades is a special card which states:


“duty three pence, when used in Great Britain and Ireland. De larue & co London”


The photographs make up part of the description, I will describe the item the best I can and to the best of my knowledge. As the buyer please view the photos carefully before purchasing. Guaranteed original or money back. This will be sent via special delivery and dispatched within two to three working day’s. Also happy to post world wide.