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Large WW2 Japanese POW Royal Artillery Medal Group To Gnr Roy May


Code: 10085


W: 40cm (15.7")H: 25cm (9.8")D: 25cm (9.8")L: 55cm (21.7")

For sale is a Huge WW2 Medal group to 8GNR Roy May 5th field regiment royal artillery, who was capture and sent to several Japanese POW camps including Taihoku pow camp, Kinkaseki POW Camp and Kukutsu pow camp. Who was released March 1945. The suitcase contains Roy mays entire military career life inside. 


This grouping includes: 

1. 2 x royal artillery sewn (not printed) shoulder titles

2. Medal bar containing defence medal ribbon, pacific star ribbon and 39-45 ribbon. 

3. WW1 victory medal to 29602 Gnr J May RA (Roy May’s father) accompanied by research.

4. MEDALS- 39-45 star, defence medal, pacific star, war medal all engraved on rim or edges to 863681 BOR RA R.C.May. 

5. 2 x WW2 Brass royal artillery shoulder titles 

6. WW2 brass royal artillery cap badge

7. 2x Ww2 economy plastic ubique shoulder badges 

8. Ww2 Royal artillery Denim shoulder bank

9. British forces Commonwealth patch

10. British Union Jack flag patch

11. Book on Kinkaseki by Arthur Titherington, mentions Roy May page 257 appendix i. “623 May R. GNR Egham ***March 1945”. And throughout the book.

12. WW2 Signallers Mirror 

13. Letter from Buckingham Palace from the Queen and King welcome home letter and envelope 1945. Can be seen in the photos. 

14. 2 x National registration identity cards to Dorothy May and Roy May.

15. Happy Christmas Fifth Field Regiment Royal Artillery 1946

16. 1946 victory celebrations leaflet

17. The war illustrated I was there November 22, 1946 newspaper

18. Particulars of officer or reservist service letter he was a stripper down and rebuilder of WD tanks 1952

19. Mess hall berthing card

20. HMS formidable meal card

21. 5 pages of research printed copy

22. 5 baby postcards/ photographs as Roy May and siblings as a child.

23. A greetings card with roses on from when Roy May was released from a POW camp get well soon

24. Supplementary clothing book

25. Salute to a salvation century 1965 & envelope pictorial record. 

26. Final edition 18th uk post 30th November 1945

27. Special Sunday edition uk post 11th November 1945

28. Greetings from isidore green 1948 huge book 

29. Players navy cut tin medium

30. Special monthly edition of the prisoner of war April 1944

31. Battle orders by Major EL DE princier Royal Artillery 1948 4th October 

32. Tatty leather suitcase made in Australia (guaranteed solid cow hide gold seal Sydney 16) and tag to G R May 84 beechwood Avenue sunbury on Thames Middlesex

33. WW2 Japanese fan hand painted

34. Ww2 All regiments ie paras Royal Navy Etc silk handkerchief measuring 40cm x 40cm 

35. Ww2 Japanese silk meatball flag 34cm x 29cm

36. WW2 Japanese rising sun flag with 25 signatures on, measuring 42cm x 32cm

37. 1953-58 FePOW forum magazines x 5 pow social club magazines. 

38. Ww2 The Australian army at war 1939 to 1944 book

39. “Yasumi Ni” by Jack cosford September 1959 book on horrors they experienced.

40. Urban district of Sunbury on Thames coronation of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth souvenir program 1953.

41. MS ‘Dilawara’ Christmas Day 1947 breakfast with 25 signatures on

42. Ww2 72nd Field battery Royal Artillery duty brass bedplate and paperwork inside

43. Ww2 Military trunk paper tag to DVR R May ex pow 

44. 15 x ww2 currency notes Japanese government and Hong Kong

45. 13 enlargements of the original photographs In this lot of The atrocities committed by the Japanese 

46. WW2 POW wash bad/ belongings bag 

47. 5 x Ww2 British and Japanese photo packets

48. 98 x WW2 photograph negatives 

49. Very rare 37 x original WW2 photographs of the atrocities committed by the Japanese to the chinease, along with original camp photographs etc must see! 

50. Ww2 Hong Kong envelope back with stamps on