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WW2 British Home Front Lot Of All Wartime Pack Items & Product Adverts


Code: 11333

For sale is a collection of original WW2 British Home Front Related items, all marked with wartime pack. During Ww2 EVERYTHING was rationed in order to save the resources for the war effort, new laws were brought in to help ensure people and companies stuck to these laws, changes in packaging would be anything from reduction in box size, being limited to printing in one colour and where any changes had been made the packaging would be marked with war time pack or temporary pack. In the lot in the pictures most of the items also have there contents too. These would all be great for displays and home front collections! The 1937 coronation money box tin is also included. There are ten items in this lot , I’m which 8 of them are marked with war time pack, and the two that are not is the coronation tin and the Pearl necklace string (although they are all around this time period anyway). This will be sent via 1st class signed for and dispatched within two to three working day’s.